Excellent for all areas with restricted matwell recesses or surface mounted applications – offering all the benefits of a heavy duty matting system, in performance, appearance and longevity.

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INTRAform Low Profile Features

  • Heavy Duty 12mm Aluminium matting system
  • Suitable for surface mounted applications
  • Compatible with all inserts
  • Closed construction – simple to clean and maintain
  • Exceptionally hardwearing and durable
  • Fully DDA compliant and suitable for wheelchair access
  • Fully recycled aluminium construction
A 14mm
B 11mm
C 33mm Profile
D 132.8mm Plank size
1 Finished Floor surface
2 Recessed matwell frame
3 Levelling latex to matwell base
4 Screed sub-floor
5 Screw fixings



Product Reference INTRAform Low Profile Entrance Matting
Strength Rating Extreme – suitable for areas with heavy foot and wheeled
Zonal Location Use Zone 1 inserts for external areas
Use Zone 2 inserts for internal areas
Combination Zone 1 & 2 inserts can be specified for dual performance
Construction 100% recycled aluminium construction.
Closed construction Interlocking Plank system.
Typical Application High Traffic locations such as Shopping Centres, Commercial Offices etc
Design Options Bespoke anodised to special order
Weight 11.3kg/m2
Matwell Framing INT014 & INTR012
Slip Rating Will vary with insert, in excess of PTV 38
Warranty 10 years
Sustainability 100% recycled aluminum. All inserts recyclable/re-usable
100% Econyl Fibre (Premier and Elite)


Fine Brush
Ribbed Rubber
Multi directional Rubber

Available in Standard or Fine Brush

INTRAlux Elite Polyamide

608 Black
607 Anthracite
606 Grey
602 Blue
605 Brown
609 Purple
610 Turquoise
604 Coco
601 red

INTRAlux Premier

130 Black
138 Slate Grey
138 Slate Grey

INTRAlux Select

50 Black
73 Grey

INTRAlux Linear Polypropylene

443 Anthracite
451 Grey

Typical Specification:

N10 General Fixtures /
Furnishings / Equipment,
300 Entrance Matting


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T: +44(0)1425 472000 F: +44(0)1425 481981
E: info@intrasystems.co.uk

Product Reference:

INTRAform Low Profile

Product Description:

Closed Construction
With following inserts: Polypropylene Ribbed Fibre (colour) / Polyamide Fibre (colour) / Brush / Ribbed Rubber / or combination of inserts
Installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions