Barrier Matting

When people first walk into your building, they make their first impression within a matter of seconds. Having an attractive, eye catching Barrier Matting in place can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions. But Barrier Matting offers much more than just aesthetical appeal, it has many practical functions too:

  • Reduced ingress of soil and moisture
  • Reduced risk of slips or trips
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Protecting and preserving internal floors
  • Positive first impression for clients and customers
  • Wide variety of products with their own specific benefits, including fire resistance, water drainage and more

Our Barrier Matting Options

At INTRAsystems, we have a wide variety of Barrier Matting products on offer. From our INTRAflex XT which is our flagship heavy duty aluminium Barrier Matting to INTRAform FR which is a specialist Barrier Matting for high fire risk areas, we have a product to suit every scenario. We provide different styles of Barrier Matting which can be used within a Zonal System, ensuring a consistent design and optimum efficiency throughout your building. Browse our full range of Barrier Matting products here.

barrier matting

Full Service Barrier Matting Installation

Not only do we offer one of the most diverse ranges of Barrier Matting on the market, we also provide a full installation service which ensures your Barrier Matting has been installed to the highest of standards. We can advise on the best layout and design to suit your building and follow strict processes to ensure the Barrier Matting has a long life. We also offer advice on aftercare and maintenance to all of our clients and are only one call away if further advice is needed.


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