• Heavy-Duty Entrance Matting At Liverpool Street Station


    SystemINTRAflow Plus and INTRAform DM
    SpecificationClear anodised silver finish with a combination of fibre and multi-directional rubber inserts
    ClientNetwork Rail

    With extreme levels of pedestrian and wheeled traffic including pallet trucks and roll cages, train stations need a heavy-duty entrance matting solution to ensure safety.

    At Liverpool Street, the entrance matting provides both performance and style, with the station’s logo set into the aluminium rails.

    Combining Systems for Improved Performance at Liverpool Street Station

    To cater for the variety of different entrances, the station uses both INTRAflow Plus and INTRAform DM entrance matting systems.

    Inbuilt drainage channels within INTRAflow Plus provide maximum moisture removal which is essential for external or exposed entrances. With both systems featuring extra-wide inserts, they can be used seamlessly to create an effective zonal system with a consistent visual.

    Tailored Specification for Every Entrance

    The main Hope Square entrance mats feature an initial section of open construction INTRAflow Plus with multi-directional rubber inserts. These rubber inserts act as a squeegee to remove excess grit and moisture – essential for entrances open to the city elements.

    A section of INTRAform DM with fibre inserts follows this to absorb the remaining dirt and moisture.

    The Upper Bishopsgate and bus station entrances use the same zonal combination as the Hope Street entrance. While the lower entrance, without the external concerns, uses just the INTRAform DM entrance matting system with fibre.

    With the main entrance mats measuring between 8500 and 9700mm front-to-back there is an adequate walk-off area to remove dirt and moisture on even the busiest bad weather days.

    Cutting & Shaping for Liverpool Street Station

    With a plethora of flooring features to accommodate, including curved detailing on the upper floors, most mats needed shaping on site. For ease of fitting, rubber finishers are used between sections. This reduces the need for cutting aluminium planks on site, to simplify and speed up installation.

    However, the most striking feature of this install is undoubtedly the 2m diameter logo designs within the matting at the two main entrances.

    Unlike traditional logo matting, which replaces sections of the aluminium, the Liverpool Street logo is created from precisely cut fibre, set within the aluminium rails. In this way, the aluminium wipers remain in place which ensures performance is maintained across the mat.

    To see more high-performance specifications used at transport hubs or to download our free Specification Guide for Road Rail & Air, visit the sector page.

    INTRAform DM

    Heavy-duty aluminium entrance matting with extra-wide fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic …

    INTRAflow Plus

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