• Hub Victoria


    SystemRecessed Entrance Matting
    SpecificationINTRAflex XT, laid in a chevron pattern, with Elite Grey 606 fibre inserts
    Location123 Hub Victoria
    Buckingham Palace Road, Marble Arch, London
    Flooring ContractorExplore Tiling and Flooring

    Unassuming Perfection With Modern Aesthetic Entrance Matting

    Morrow+Lorraine had a bold vision for the contemporary 123 Hub. The lobby was no different. Home to Google and ENI Trading, prestige and performance was imperative throughout the building.

    123 Hub has a modern and neutral design scheme, using stone, wood and natural fabrics, which the luxury Entrance Matting needed to complement and protect. It tirelessly maintains its classic look while enduring and cleaning the shoes of users of the 200,000 ft2 office space. INTRAsystems has worked with Morrow+Lorraine on a wide range of projects so the practice knew the design potential of our product range.

    With its clean lines, INTRAflex XT was the preferred choice for their chevron scheme. It offers flexible configurations for a wide range of designs, as well as quality performance and proven longevity.

    Fusing Form and Function for Architectural Impact

    INTRAflex XT has a heavy-duty aluminium frame available in a standard silver finish, anodised bronze or black. Each option comes with a 10-year warranty so will stand the test of time. Made from 100% recycled aluminium and fully recyclable, it also represents a sustainable option, as detailed in it’s EPD.

    For added practicality, INTRAflex XT sections are removable to help maintenance and cleaning. There’s no need to wait for service visits or specialist tools. On-site teams can lift each section to remove any debris or excess moisture, minimising disruption.

    As one of our most specified products, you can find it used extensively in prestigious locations.

    Elite Performance, Smart Aesthetics, Luxury Entrance Matting

    Morrow+Lorraine opted for INTRAlux® Elite Grey 606 fibre inserts to add a subtle colour and textural change, while complementing the stone floor beyond and enhancing the overall neutral monochrome palette.

    The simple appearance belies the advanced features. The INTRAlux® Elite fibre has a mix of coarse and smooth fibres made from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon, offering excellent scraping and sound absorption. It has excellent UV-resistance, fire resistance, and slip ratings.

    Precise and Practical Installation

    From the chevron design Morrow+Lorraine supplied, we created an intricate plan for the install team. We clearly labelled each component and supplied in oversized lengths to allow for tolerances and anomalies on site.

    We also provided spares just in case, as the install team had to work around some immovable features.

    The flush, glass revolving doors would have been particularly tricky for a lesser product. With our detailed plans, an innovative product and skilled installers, the effect is unassuming perfection. Explore Tiling and Flooring did an incredible job.

    INTRAflex XT

    At the forefront of entrance matting design and innovation, this product has been used extensively …