Officially opened in 1872, White Hart Lane cemented itself as the home of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club with the station being just over three minutes’ walk away.

As part of the Northumberland Development Project to redevelop the White Hart Lane Stadium and regenerate the area, the station was also selected to be upgraded.

The upgrade consisted of a new ticketing hall, adding two lifts for better access and an additional entrance to ease match day traffic.

The Need for Entrance Matting

With extreme foot traffic at three separate entrances, keeping the newly refurbished station clean and the passengers safe is of prime importance. To achieve this a heavy-duty solution is required.

INTRAsystems worked with the client in supplying the Entrance Matting for White Hart Lane. This Entrance Matting had to meet a strict regulatory criteria set by the owner of London Overground – TFL.

INTRAform FR was used as it uses the specialist FR (Fire Resistant) insert in the heavy-duty double module matting this is also section 12 compliant. the rubber insert can withstand multi-directional traffic.

To make this system truly functional we combined the FR insert with the Bfls-1 rated INTRAlux Premier fibre which offers excellent dirt and moisture removal. The monofilament scrapers tackle coarse dirt head on while the FR insert adds to the durability of the system.

The open construction of the system allows any excess moisture to drain away ensuring the flooring beyond is always kept clean.

Constructed from 100% recycled aluminium the system provides exceptional durability and strength to stand up to the millions of visitors it will service during its lifetime.

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System :
Specification :
Open Construction with FR (section 12 compliant) and INTRAlux Premier 138 Slate Grey Fibre inserts.
Location :