• Newgate Street


    SystemINTRAflex XT and INTRAflex SP
    SpecificationBronze anodised with INTRAlux Ultimate Stone fibre insert
    ClientSDS Matting

    An architectural marvel located in an area of the capital rich with history.

    In the centre of one of the most famous cities in the world and a stone’s throw away from the prestigious St Paul’s Cathedral – the commercial entrance matting at Newgate Street in London had to be as eye-catching as the location it sits in. We were specified early on for this project – working closely with SDS Matting who are familiar with our market-leading capabilities. For this design, incorporating the alternating narrow stone strips was a priority feature for the client. A challenge, but end results like this are always worth the effort.

    Newgate Street

    Blending external aesthetics with internal design

    Following the great fire of London, a modern development saw the square near St. Paul’s Cathedral restored to its medieval street plan with a Neo-traditional design. This reflected the original Holford scheme which consisted of narrow rectangular slab, commercial buildings set within an orthogonal site geometry, as well as rectangular slabs radiating out from the column. Against this backdrop, the refurbishment of Sancroft at St. Paul’s demanded an outstanding foyer design befitting the building’s architectural finesse and location.

    In addition to high quality matting for revolving doors, a priority feature of the interior creative design required alternating narrow strips of Terrazzo stone and mattin. These are inset in a neo-classic geometric sunburst pattern, reflecting both the modern curved building facade and the exterior Paternoster Square stonework design beyond.

    Two products, one Elite solution

    This creative execution called for a combination of two innovative products. For the revolving doors (where foot traffic is always heavily concentrated) INTRAflex XT with Elite fibre inserts was specified to deal with most of the dirt and moisture. As one of our most popular products, INTRAflex XT offers optimum durability, performance and aesthetics. For the strip style beyond the revolving doors, INTRAflex SP achieves the striking finished effect you can see in the photographs.

    The strips of INTRAflex SP are inset into the terrazzo tiles following the direction of travel. As most Entrance Matting Systems are set perpendicular to the direction of travel, this particular design was a great opportunity for SDS Matting to demonstrate their expertise. Laying the matting perfectly to line up with the entrance matting surrounding the revolving doors was one of the big success stories of this project.

    The INTRAlux Elite black fibre inserts used at Newgate Street contain a monofilament scraper element to remove dirt effectively. In the classic black colourway, the mat play into the colour scheme perfectly to complement the architect’s overall foyer design intent.

    Moving in a new direction

    Quality was a high priority for this project. As Entrance Matting specialists with a proven eye for design. We were specified early on by Buckley Gray Yeoman having worked closely with them before. The added element of laying the matting in the direction of travel called for a matting product that could be installed with ease. Of course, INTRA systems is the name that will always come to mind.

    The end result is Entrance Matting that truly adds to the visual identity of this London building. From floor to ceiling, the foyer is a unique space. Our specification consultants always enjoy the opportunity to get creative with clients. This project was another example of how INTRA helps architects turn something pedestrian into a signature focal point.

    If you’d like your project to look this good from the ground up, get in touch with us today to find out more about our products. Or simply view our complete range on our website here.

    INTRAflex XT

    At the forefront of entrance matting design and innovation, this product has been used extensively …