• Domestic & General Nottingham


    SpecificationSmall rectangle INTRAshape in black, laid in a herringbone pattern, and Elite 606 Grey fibre insert
    ClientSpace Invader Design, Manchester
    Location11 Station Street, Nottingham

    Unique Commercial Office Entrance Matting

    Franklin Ellis designed the new 50,000 sq ft city-centre Domestic & General office to achieve BREEAM Excellent standard. It welcomes over 500 employees each day through glazed revolving and accessible side doors.

    The sloped site means the entrance has steps and a wheelchair lift to the right of the doors, giving access to the security turnstiles on the raised ground floor. With multi-directional and wheeled traffic, SpaceInvader Design needed suitable office Entrance Matting to meet the challenge. INTRAshape fits the brief, fulfils BREEAM standards and delivers a unique, modern tessellation for an easy install across the lobby width.

    Striking Aesthetics Without the Stress

    INTRAshape comes as individually tessellating tiles in a variety of sizes and shapes for infinite creative options – rectangle, square, hexagon, triangle, diamond. There are 22 colour and fibre combinations as well.

    The office entrance matting is an irregular polygon shape, approximately 8.5m wide x 4m deep. We provided detailed layout drawings based on the construction plans and the chosen herringbone pattern. We labelled every title with a co-ordinating reference and boxed them by type to make installation easier. It also helps that INTRAshape can be cut to shape without any specialist tools.

    High-quality, Sustainable and Practical

    SpaceInvader Design chose INTRAlux Elite Grey 606 inserts, our high-quality 100% recycled practical Econyl – ticking those BREEAM boxes in this instance. As one of our most absorbent inserts, it can hold 5.4L per m2.

    With a combination of coarse and fine strands, it brushes off dirt and sucks in the moisture from shoes and tyres. It’s hard-wearing and has top fibre resistance and acoustic ratings so perfect for a busy office building.

    They also chose an anodised black finish for the recycled aluminium frames to complement the rest of the luxurious design scheme. Adding to the palette of gold, greys and greens throughout the building.

    Grade A Entrance Matting for Grade A offices

    INTRAshape and INTRAlux Elite partner perfectly to deliver easy installation, high-performance and striking design. This isn’t just office Entrance Matting, this is luxurious office Entrance Matting.


    Free your imagination and create infinite design possibilities… Complementary, tessellating shapes can be used to …