Entrance Matting FAQs

Entrance matting is a specific type of flooring which is used within a buildings entrance area. Its main purpose is to retain soil and moisture being brought into the building to protect the less hardy flooring throughout the rest of the building.

There are many reasons to install entrance matting. Safety is increased as the likelihood of a slip or trip is reduced, cleaning and maintenance costs are reduced, internal floors are protected and the entrance area to your building is given a more stylish and professional look and feel.

Firstly, the entrance matting is fitted flush with the surrounding floor coverings, then the matting profiles run at right angles to the primary traffic direction. Panel splits are then positioned either side or outside of the traffic flow, rib alignment is completed and lastly the material is cut accurately. Find out about our installation process in more detail on our installation page.

Cleaning and maintenance of entrance matting is simple. It should be vacuumed daily and each month you can roll back each section and vacuum the base of the matwell. For a more thorough clean, the entrance matting can be periodically removed and sprayed with a high pressure washing machine. If inserts become damaged beyond repair, they can be easily replaced.

We offer a variety of entrance matting products which are specifically designed to suit an outdoor environment. These include INTRAbrush, INTRAflex XT, INTRAflex Radial, INTRAform, INTRAform Low Profile, INTRAform FR, INTRAlink, INTRAlink Low Profile. Take a look at our zonal control pages for more information.

We offer a variety of different entrance matting products, therefore the materials used within each product does vary. Most of our products use a combination of stainless steel, aluminium, synthetic, rubber, bristle brushes and polyamide fibre. We use 100% recycled aluminium and recycled Econyl Elite fibre.

Yes – one of the main purposes of installing entrance matting is to prevent dirt and moisture entering the rest of the building. The design of entrance matting helps to remove dirt and moisture from shoes or anything entering the building.

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  • 100% recycled aluminium

  • Regenerated nylon yarns