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Layout Design

During the design and specification process, consideration of the entrance matting installation method is critical in order to achieve the ultimate result. Matwell framing, well depth and split positions are key factors that affect on-site preparation and the matting manufacturing processes.

INTRAsystems aluminium matting and flooring systems are produced in a recommended maximum width of 2400mm, to enable ease of handling and maintenance. In wider matwells it is often necessary to separate the system into sections with a T-bar dividing profile. The split position between matting sections should be where the matting is least likely to be trafficked, as illustrated below.

Operations & Maintenance

A regular and thorough maintenance programme for your Entrance Matting is essential to ensure optimal performance. INTRAsystems products are designed to catch and hold dirt particles, and allowing build-up for long periods of time can restrict pile movement and lead to ‘tracking’ as the matting is continually trafficked.

Normal daily soiling must be removed with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with rotating brush will give the
best results, helping to release dirt.

The matting should be carefully rolled back, section by section, and the base of the matwell thoroughly
swept/vacuumed. Any debris caught in between the channels of matting should be removed and then the matting
rolled back into position. Take care not to drag the matting – it is designed to simply roll up and unroll again.
Dragging the matting could cause damage.
Closed construction, non-rollable matting should follow the Daily Routine, but in addition, wiping aluminium channels
with a mild detergent to help free any soiling.

Matting can be carefully removed from the matwell and sprayed with a high pressure water machine.
Use of strong cleaning chemicals should be avoided.

Chewing gum must be removed, as soon as it appears, by the use of specialist products, such as freezing sprays
or gels – failure to remove gum quickly will cause it to become hardened and compacted into the mat surface,
reducing performance.

If inserts are damaged or unduly worn, they can be recycled and replaced with minimum cost implications.

Contact the INTRAsystems team for specific cleaning advice on individual products and in abnormal environments.
Full instructions available for Operation and Maintenance manuals.
As with all matting, when subject to heavy wheeled traffic (scissor lifts/pallet trucks etc) it should be suitably
protected with plywood boarding.