Having new flooring fitted in your workplace can be a major job, involving everything from choosing the right flooring and matting to suit your requirements, to installation and the removal of your previous flooring. Choosing the right flooring requires decisions to be made with the help of an expert team who can assist you with any queries you may have. However, this process is most definitely worthwhile, leaving you and your workplace with brand new, practical and sustainable flooring that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Choosing a flooring company that has a good reputation and is professional is essential if you want the highest quality flooring improvements made to your workplace. With the right company, you can minimise the hassle and fast track the process.

At Intramatting, we believe that we are the perfect partner for all your flooring needs – and here’s why:

Experience in the Industry

INTRAmatting have extensive experience specifying and installing high quality floor finishes in all market sectors, with an impressive 35 years’ experience. With every environment requiring individual attention to detail, experience and market knowledge are paramount to ensure optimum performance.

High quality products

We are proud of the high-quality products we offer, with flooring and matting products that combine up to date design and aesthetics with the ability to suit the most demanding of environments. Each product has been designed by industry specialists with an intimate knowledge of the marketplace and provides optimum performance every time. For more information on our flooring products available, see our range here.


Not only are our products of high quality, we are proud of our efforts to protect the environment by working on key projects throughout the UK and Europe as well as achieving environmental ratings such as BREEAM and WRAP. We aim to go one step further in ensuring our clients can improve their environmental footprint by working with us.

End to End Service

At INTRAmatting, we offer an end- to-end service that makes the process as smooth as possible. From product advice, right through to removal of your old flooring, we guide you along the way.

Caring for your floor doesn’t end at installation either, so we’ve put together some advice to help you make the most out of your flooring to ensure it reaches and exceeds its expected product lifecycle. A well-structured maintenance programme for your Entrance Matting is essential to ensure optimal performance. INTRAmatting products are designed to catch and hold dirt particles, so regular cleaning and maintenance can maximise the functionality of your flooring.

Strong portfolio

INTRAsystems have extensive experience specifying and installing Heavy Duty Entrance Matting in all market sectors, with an impressive portfolio of clients built up over the past 35 years. The sectors we work with range from education, public buildings, retail stores, healthcare buildings and travel terminuses. INTRAmatting have worked with and are trusted by a whole range of well-known brands including Jaguar Land Rover, Waitrose, Hilton Hotels, Ferrari and many more.

If you’re thinking of improving the flooring in your workspace, contact one of our team today for more help and guidance on what to do next.