Train stations, university entrance ways, retail store; they all have one thing in common – they are high traffic areas with a lot of footfall. These types of buildings need a strong, durable entrance matting system in place in order to withstand the day to day usage. At INTRAsystems, we provide highly durable entrance matting which is built to last.

Ineffective entrance flooring can cause a vast array of issues. From slips and trips to dirt and moisture, the long-term costs of choosing a cheap and low quality option for your entrance flooring will certainly come back to haunt you.

Introducing the INTRAflex XT

You may be wondering exactly what you should be looking for when choosing the best kind of high traffic commercial flooring. Well, let us introduce you to our flagship heavy duty aluminium matting product, INTRAflex XT. So, what makes the INTRAflex XT the best flooring for high traffic areas?


  • Heel proof open construction – this allows dirt and moisture to fall through into the matwell below
  • Removeable sections – these allow for simple cleaning and maintenance of any build-up of dirt
  • Suitable for wheelchairs – allows access for everyone. Also allows for shopping trolleys and high heels!
  • Highly durable – made from the strongest materials to ensure a long life in those high traffic areas
  • Indoor and outdoor – welcome guests with style by using our zonal system; start your entrance matting outside and continue inside
  • Flexible product – whether you want rubber, brush or fibre inserts in a variety of colours, INTRAflex XT will catch everyone’s eye as they enter your building


You can find out more about the INTRAflex XT or request your free sample here.

Of course, INTRAflex XT isn’t our only product which is ideal for high traffic areas, but this gives you an idea of the product specifications your entrance matting should include. Feel free to browse our product range to discover other mattings ideal for high traffic areas, or get in touch with us today to learn more.