Marketing is the life-blood of every brand-to-customer relationship and is heavily integrated with sales. When companies first launch, they are run by builders and sellers; builders create the products while sellers are the distribution channel who create a 1:1 relationships with customers. Creating a corporate identity that resonates with its consumers is therefore extremely crucial, it is equally important to send the right message to them. I bet that you didn’t know this can be achieved with Entrance Matting! This blog will look at how this is achieved.

In our previous blogs, we established that entrance matting is one object that most people don’t even look at, but it is there to stop any dirt and moisture from entering the building ultimately keeping everyone safe from trips and slips. High quality Entrance Matting will not only complement the aesthetics of the building but also make it a safe environment for all. But have you ever considered it a marketing tool? I bet not.

We walk through entrances on a daily basis whether that’s into your offices or museums or restaurants! Placing a branding tool to promote the corporate identity makes total sense. Different sectors use this knowledge differently. The changing nature of hotel guests is prompting change in the traditional layout of hotels. Lobbies, for example, are becoming larger, more open social hubs and gathering spaces, with a mix of comfortable couches, communal workstations and meeting spaces. Branding in an office space on the other hand is critical to giving workers a sense of identity and form a connection with their company. Similar to wearing your college sweatshirt or putting a bumper sticker on your car, branding provides a gleam of individuality within a shared workspace. At its core, branding workplaces is a process of taking the characteristics that make a company great, and expressing those characteristics through emotive experiences that ultimately enhance learning, productivity, and the overall workplace experience for employees and clients. For retail spaces, the first impression is crucial and retailers are opting for an immersive experience with pop-up stalls and telling the story long before anyone sets foot in their stores.

In all these sectors, there is one commonality; they all require entrance matting. Entrance matting carries a strong proposition when it comes to complementing a company’s brand by using its corporate colours and integrating with the overall look and feel of the company. Intrasystems has been the choice of entrance matting by the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Victoria Gate Shopping centre, BMW Mini, The Shard and many more. We were able to resonate their brand values in our matting through the choice of colours, and the look and feel of the entrance.

We at Intrasystems believe that there is an untapped potential for marketing using this tool.   As mentioned earlier using high quality Entrance Matting will add to the aesthetics of the building, and logo mats are a definite proposition for the carrying the brand forward as they create an instant connection with the brand and the user. NEC Arena in Birmingham used this to boost their marketing promotions as well as reduce the ingress of dirt and moisture from entering the building.

Entrance Matting amongst others pieces form the complete picture in this jigsaw puzzle of corporate branding. We have established that a clean, crisp and high quality entrance mat will only add positive brand proposition.

So, the next time you walk over an entrance mat, just remember its speaking to you and keeping you safe!