In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, companies are realising that ensuring they are sustainable makes long-term economic sense, and isn’t just seen as an environmental gesture.

Intrasystems has an undeviating commitment to act responsibly in care of the environment.

Working on key projects throughout the UK and Europe, we are familiar with all environmental ratings such as BREEAM and WRAP and help clients achieve and exceed their sustainability goals.

We understand that businesses have the responsibility to care for the environment, whether that be to meet consumer demand, outperform competition or reduce their costs.


BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master-planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation of a development against a range of targets based on performance benchmarks.

INTRAsystems is proud to have been involved with BREEAM certified projects which have been identified for their low environmental impact, innovative solutions to improve sustainability and reduced costs whilst improving working environments.


WRAP is a catalyst for positive economic and environmental action. They work with businesses, such as INTRAsystems, to deliver ground breaking initiatives to support more sustainable actions. Their mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource efficient economy by reinventing the way products are designed, made and recycled.

At INTRAsystems, we do our best to support these visions by following a sustainability cycle that aims to care for the environment, from raw material sourcing through to regeneration.

Raw Material Sourcing

As it is well known, the world’s natural resources are not endless, so ensuring you purchase sustainable flooring which has been manufactured with recycled products is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint.

INTRAsystems use 100% recycled aluminium and 33% Econyl regenerated nylon fibre in many of the sustainable flooring products.

The Econyl cycle:

  • The waste preparation begins with the cleaning and preparation of the waste products, including old fishing nets and textile materials. The cleaned nylon waste is shredded, compacted, bagged and transported to the regeneration plant.
  • The next stage involves removing all foreign substances so that the nylon is 100% pure and back to its natural form.
  • The pure nylon is then distributed to production facilities where they are produced into carpet and textile yarns.
  • The Econyl yarns are used in the creation of synthetic carpet floorings used by INTRsystems, creating sustainable flooring systems that gives your workspace a unique design.



  • The assembly process used by INTRAsystems is all UK based in manufacturing plants that use 100% solar generated energy with a zero CO2 output.



  • All of INTRAsystems’ products are bespoke in order to reduce the site wastage and reduce the amount of material that has to be disposed of. As a result, our component wastage is lower than the UK average.
  • We do our best to recycle unused materials, and as a result, all of our aluminium offcuts are directly recycled.
  • The installation process wouldn’t be as smooth and sustainable if it wasn’t for our fully trained, expert installation team who have the skills and knowledge for an intelligent installation process, saving time, money and waste.


Product Lifecycles

  • INTRAsystems product lifecycle sustainability approach aims to manage the products’ existence so that any negative impact on the environment is minimised.
  • As a result of this, INTRAsystems products have a typical lifecycle of 8-15 years which is a result of the durable, long-lasting products used in the manufacturing process.
  • The long-lasting products reduce the need for a re-fit in years to come, significantly reducing the energy and materials needed for new flooring systems.



  • Within our regeneration contract, we ensure that aluminium is cleaned and recycled and inserts are removed and converted to secondary synthetics.

It is important that your business is one that generates profit while improving societal and environmental conditions. Not only will this improve your businesses efficiency, but your brand and reputation will benefit as a result and provide a stable platform for innovation.

Learn more about our efforts to reduce our environmental impact here or contact us to find out more.


INTRAsystems is committed to the sustainable operation and development of our business and we are constantly seeking better ways to control and minimise the impact we have on our environment.

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 100% recycled aluminium

  • Regenerated nylon yarns


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