This week we will be talking to one of our key sales member and get their take on what creativity means to them. Rob is one of the partners of the firm. He brings a vast bank of experience and knowledge to the sale team and our customers. Rob has worked in the Entrance Matting and Specialist Floor Finishes market since 2001 on hundreds of projects helping clients specify the right product.

In our previous blog we mentioned that 2018 is going to be a year of innovation for us at INTRAsystems and we are on the eve of the biggest product launch in the company’s history. We are even more committed to Enhancing Buildings by Design and creating truly stunning entrances. But what does creativity mean to one of our firm’s partner?


In your view what make a product successful?

A successful product provides functionality, aesthetics, durability and ease of installation. It is something that draws attention of the customers.


We live in a time where companies are fighting for attention, what was the most attention-grabbing advertising you’ve seen?

Advertising has changed massively and the posters (billboards) on the side of the roads don’t do a great deal I feel, and the internet is opening all the avenues. I did like the Land Rover car stunt where the car climbed 999 steps at a 45-degree angle in china. It demonstrated the product’s capabilities in a very visual and eye-catching way.


If there was a product/service you would like to change what would it be and how would you change it?

Reliability of Carriers! Due to having experienced a number of issues and not finding an ideal solution this is one thing I would change. Companies can use up-to-date technologies to make delivering goods much more efficient. Drone technology seems to be a hot trend right now, and driverless vehicles are just coming into effect with the likes of Tesla and Waymo leading the way.  


How do you strive to achieve creativity in your work, and what does creativity mean to you?

I guess its keeping an open mind and being prepared to capture ideas at unexpected moments. Creativity to me means thinking outside the box and looking at something through a different angle in order to find a unique solution which is in line with customers requirements and financial scope.


Can you tell us about the exciting times ahead for INTRAsystems?

As the market leader in the UK, INTRAsystems is once again ahead of the pack! But you’ll have to stay tuned into our marketing to find out more about the great stuff we are doing. The time ahead are very creative, and we are about to shape the industry!