Combining over 35 years of experience in the Entrance Matting industry, we have worked with some truly amazing clients and created some stunning entrances. From the glamorous Shard in London to the Ferrari showroom in New Zealand we have lived by our motto to enhance buildings by design.

Over the years we have adapted to keep pace with the design industry and offer valuable product and consultative proposition for all our clients. We provide all our clients informative product videos, educational infographics, and can now add wonderful whitepapers to that list also.

Over the course of this year, we have worked with a number of architects and the recurring theme was the split between BIM and CAD files. At INTRAsystems we provide both these file platforms, however, knowing where the industry is heading and offering a more valuable proposition for architects is of paramount importance to us.

BIM vs CAD and what the future holds for the design industry is the subject of the latest addition to our library of valuable downloads. This whitepaper takes you through the history of BIM and CAD, asks the experts what they think and summarises the future of both platforms.

Our research has some interesting findings. Did you know 53% of our respondents switched from CAD to BIM and 74% of respondents feel BIM offers the best design visualisation? So, while data suggests an increase in the use of BIM, it certainly hasn’t replaced the use of CAD when it comes to Entrance Matting.

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