Schools, colleges and universities have some unique challenges when it comes to entrance matting.

An average of 0.58g of dirt is brought into a building by every pair of shoes – multiply that by the number of students and faculty coming and going every day and that’s a lot of unsightly dirt that could affect safety within your building.

To deal with this heavy, often concentrated multi-directional traffic and a range of studded, heeled and smooth-soled footwear, installing a combination of entrance matting products could be the most cost-effective solution.

What Type Of Entrance Matting is Best?

Every entrance is different, and therefore the combination of size, shape and recommended products will vary dependant on several factors including location, volume and type of traffic.

Is it internal or external? Is it near a playing field or sports ground? Is drainage an issue? Which entrances are used most? Understanding these key factors will enable you to provide the most effective – and budget friendly – solution.

As students rarely stop to wipe their feet, sizing is also critical – every extra step on the Entrance Matting will remove more soil and moisture to help prevent slips and trips.

For buildings and entrances near fields and sports grounds where studded footwear and excessive dirt is expected, INTRAbrush and INTRAflex XT are ideal.

INTRAlink is also a popular choice in this sector as its modular tile format offers exceptional durability at a very competitive price.

INTRAsystems has provided entrance matting solutions to meet the complex needs of schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK, including the BREEAM Excellent rated Fusion Building at Bournemouth University which utilises INTRAform Low Profile at the main entrance and revolving doors,  INTRAflex XT at a number of developments across the Oxford Brooks University campus and INTRAform DM and INTRAform drainable at the Spark Teaching Building at Southampton Solent University

To specify entrance matting that meets the needs and demands of your next education project without compromising on design, contact the team today.