Hotels, Leisure and Sports venues experience some of the highest and most varied visitor volumes of any building. With exceptionally high volumes of public foot traffic, 24-hour access and doorways that are open to the elements for regular or prolonged periods, incorrectly specified entrance matting can be a costly mistake.

Your entrance is where first impressions are made, and where the risk of slips and trips can be greatly minimised, so it pays to get it right.

In this article we look at some of the key considerations for specifying entrance matting that meets the complex needs of these high traffic venues.


Match days see thousands of fans visiting to support their teams. Win or lose the stadium floor takes the biggest hit in terms of dirt and debris from the mass footfall.

With trailing queues and multiple doorways open to the elements, minimising moisture can be key to visitor safety. For a venue like this, a drainable solution is recommended, and material durability is a priority.

INTRAflow Plus is the ideal solution for stadiums. Manufactured from the toughest grade of aluminium available for Entrance Matting, when combined with multi-directional rubber inserts, the system provides a highly durable system to tackle dirt and moisture head on.

INTRAbrush is also recommended for entrances and access routes between fields and buildings. The hard-wearing nylon bristles offer excellent removal of coarse dirt from studded and grip-soled footwear, while the open construction allows dirt to fall away into the matwell base for ease of cleaning.


When booking a hotel, aesthetic appeal is central to the decision-making process. Here, a durable system that maintains aesthetics without compromising functionality is key.

Our flagship INTRAflex XT Entrance Matting is a popular solution. With the ability to anodise the aluminium profiles to match your colour scheme, you can ensure that your matting will blend with your design to enhance your reception or lobby.

See how The Royal Lancaster Hotel used bronze anodised profiles to create a stunning entrance design fit for one of London’s leading hotels.

Our new INTRAlux Grafic fibre is also a great option to provide a subtle design detail across Zone 2 and 3 areas, creating visual continuity within your entrance design.

Available in comb, square, rings, stone and grid designs, you can be sure to find a pattern to make your entrance stand out.

Leisure Centres

With usually small, functional entrance ways and limited budgets, Entrance Matting for leisure centres often needs to be budget focussed.

Small budgets don’t have to mean compromising on design or performance though!

Our INTRAlux products and Grafic sheet fibre ranges offer an exceptional choice of colour and pattern options. What’s more, the INTRAlux Premier, Elite and Grafic ranges are manufactured from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon fibres to support your environmental credentials and support green building practices.

By combining sheet fibre with Gripfit – our proprietary surface mounted Entrance Matting System – you can enjoy all the benefits of a recessed system at a competitive cost.

So, if you need entrance matting that will withstand high volumes of footfall, minimise slip and trip hazards and reduce maintenance costs whilst upholding your environmental aims, talk to the team at INTRAsystems today.