2018 is a year of Innovation for INTRAsystems, it is no surprise that we have yet another exciting product to add to our family. We are doing this by utilising our INTRAform Double Module Heavy Duty Entrance Matting and adding a splash of colour to it. Introducing INTRAflow Plus a heavy-duty aluminium plank system now available with all INTRAlux Fibre as well as ribbed and multi-directional rubber inserts. This makes the product suitable for internal and external use.

INTRAflow Plus is designed for use in extreme traffic areas. Built with toughened aluminium, this Entrance Matting is manufactured with longevity in mind. INTRAflow plus is compatible with the INTRAform product which means it can be used with Waterlogic or Waterflow system.

This incremental upgrade to the Double Module product means clients can now specify a system that is extremely durable and install it in extreme areas of traffic but retain the visual aesthetics of products like the INTRAflex XT or INTRAform Entrance Matting. At INTRAsystems we love to innovate by design and truly believe this product is the best combination of function and form.

Why not download the product brochure or request a FREE sample to get a feel for this entrance mat.  Watch this space for more information on this exciting product.