In the world of retail, corporate offices and public buildings people respond to the appearance of the building. It is no secret that a well-maintained centre will always be favoured over the rest. Meeting customer expectation is vital and keeping the centres clean and tidy is part of the reputational challenge that owners face, as they strive to please their occupants.

The journey to cleaner premises starts with the entrance. According to CDI research, 43 percent of people look at the floors first when judging the cleanliness of a business. Having an effective barrier to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture is the first step towards a clean site. It is a known fact that much of dirt that enters a building is brought in on the soles of shoes and tyres of wheeled traffic. This can make interiors look dirty and unattractive and cause damage to interior floor finishes.

Keeping entrances safe and accessible is a legal requirement. This is where Entrance Matting play an important role in keeping the occupants safe by reducing slips and trips. Entrance Matting also helps in removing 80 percent of dirt and debris and prevent it from entering the building. As a result of a proper entrance matting system, not only is safety, cleanliness and air quality improved the aesthetics of the centre are enhanced as well.

Different situations will require different types of matting construction. At INTRAsystems we strongly believe in the zonal system to keep the dirt out of the building. A full Zonal system which consists of three zones will effectively combat the ingress of dirt and moisture inside the building and improve the longevity of the internal flooring.

A wet and slippery floor is a huge hazard one that can quickly bring down the reputation of the centre. This means that Zone One Entrance Matting can prevent internal flooring becoming wet on rainy and snowy days from the excess water being trafficked in by the shoes. The use of INTRAform Drainable entrance matting construction is a perfect Zone One solution to trap dirt and moisture. The second stage of the cleansing process can use products such as INTRAform with Polyamide construction in Zone Two, this will further stop the water through its superior absorption and maintain a safe environment, it does this by using state of the art INTRAlux elite inserts. The final stage of preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture is installing a Zone Three product. Products such as INTRAlux Elite, Premier, Ultima, Linear and Rib are all excellent Zone Three products to enhance performance and ensure full removal of dirt and moisture.

To keep up with demands, most centres adopt a ‘clean as you go’ approach where staff are expected to clean surfaces and floors as part of their day-to-day job. We would advise that a vacuum with heavy duty rotary power brush or beater bar should be used to remove deeply embedded dirt particles, especially in heavy traffic areas. It is important that the cleaning is carried out when the mat is dry, as the product releases more soil. Check out our case study on Silverburn Shopping Centre to see it in action.

If the correct cleaning has not taken place, your matting is likely to look dull and dirty and give a poor first impression. A proper cleaning regime is therefore essential for the building and its occupants.