Did you know that slips, trips and falls account for about a fifth of all reported accidents in the retail sector? As well as identifying the types of risks faced in this sector, it also crucial to consider the precautions you should take for your customers to mitigate such risks. We believe strongly in the power of Entrance Matting when it comes to reducing the risk of trips and slips.

This blog will talk through the reasons why retail stores need entrance matting, and discuss how a Zonal System can help reduce the ingress of dirt and moisture and subsequently reduce the number of slips, trips and falls.

Retail Flooring Risks

Most retail stores are spread over large areas, and their floors usually are subject to more wear and tear because of the load they are exposed to daily. It could either be human footfall or heavy freight loads that are dragged across these floors or even the weight of heavy goods-laden trolleys that are moved back and forth every minute.

Customers who pace the floor can slip and fall on slippery floors. Proper slip resistant flooring or matting eliminates such risks, ensuring the safety of everyone in the store. Matting also keeps your store clean by controlling dirt and requiring less cleaning and maintenance

The key to a successful Entrance Matting installation is the right product with the right design. Appropriate use of the Intramatting products will ensure maximum dirt and moisture removal to protect the internal floor coverings and reduce the cleaning costs as mentioned above. This also ensures the entranceway is enhanced aesthetically.

The Intramatting Zonal System

The Intramatting Zonal System for Entrance Matting is a three stage approach to combatting dirt and moisture at the door.  Having the right exterior mat at the entrance also lowers skids and falls within and outside the store in inclement weather conditions.

  • Zone One – External Matting to remove coarse dirt and grit particles prior to entering the building. Products such as INTRAbrush, INTRAflex, INTRAlink are great for use in Zone One.
  • Zone Two – Heavy Duty recessed Internal Matting for further dirt and moisture removal. Products such as INTRAform and INTRAguard are great for use in Zone Two.
  • Zone Three – Close fitted fiber products to thoroughly remove remaining moisture. Products such as INTRAlux are great for use in Zone Three.

Click here to view our previous projects in the retail sector that fully utilise the zonal system to its full potential. A fully Zonal System can be achieved using either a combination of different products within our range, or by using a consistent product with varying inserts.

At Intrasystems we pride ourselves in providing industry leading products and knowledge and as a result, you can specify with confidence. Call us on 01425 472000 or email us on info@intrasystems.co.uk to find out more about how our Entrance Matting can help save you money and reduce risks in your retail store.