With winter fast approaching, your entrance matting needs to be ready to take on its toughest challenges.

From muddy or grit laden shoes to snow, ice and extreme moisture.

Throw-down matting offers some resilience but only recessed aluminium matting can really protect your building from the worst weather and environmental conditions.

Brushing off the dirt

INTRAbrush is designed to remove mud, grit, ice and snow from footwear and wheeled traffic to stop it entering your building where it can damage floor surfaces and cause a slip hazard.

The brushes are made from stiff, hard-wearing nylon to scrape away debris from soles, studded and gripped footwear and tyre treads. Furthermore, it can perform at temperatures ranging from -25ºC to 40ºC, making it a resilient year-round option.

The heel-proof, open construction design allows dirt to fall away into the mat well rather than clogging the pile. This is particularly important for sports stadiums and schools where the combination of gripped and studded footwear and muddy playing fields can track in large amounts of soil.

With fine and standard bristle options and multiple colours to choose from – plus the ability to use multiple colours within a single mat design – the system can also be used to create unique entrance matting systems for commercial offices or public buildings.

A great example of this is Norwich Union House. Working with Leonard Design, the building features INTRAbrush with standard bristles from the entire colour palette to create a bright, vibrant statement entrance mat.

Creative possibilities

INTRAbrush inserts are also compatible with a number of our other entrance matting products including INTRAform, INTRAflow and INTRAflex XT.

These systems open up even more creative possibilities – from anodised rails to chevron designs, all utilising the hard-wearing bristle inserts.

Why not request a free INTRAbrush sample today or speak to the team to discover the perfect system for your next project.