The entrance to a building needs to perform many functions, from striking the right first impression with visitors to offering the first defence against dirt and moisture.

Even in the worst weather, visitors are unlikely to consciously wipe their feet as they enter a building, but a well-designed system silently works to trap dirt and moisture to keep your building clean and safe.

This most functional and essential entrance feature is often overlooked in terms of design but there are hundreds of ways to customise your entrance mat to enhance your reception both practically and visually.

Custom doesn’t have to mean costly

An off-the-shelf online purchase can seem the quickest and cheapest solution. However, specifying a high-performance custom entrance matting system that exactly meets your needs can often prove more cost effective than cheaper throwdown options.

In fact, a custom entrance mat designed to meet your building’s individual needs will help you save on cleaning costs and extend the life of your interiors to provide exceptional lifetime value – and ensure your building creates a stunning first impression on clients and visitors for years to come!

How can I customise my entrance mat?

A wide range of creative options are available to you; From coloured fibres and shaped matwells, to profiles cut into stone and logo designs.

We offer a range of products that will meet functional requirements and align with your brand to realise your design vision.

Check out some of our recent work using multi-coloured chevrons, cut-into-stone designs, sweeping curved matwells, corporate branding and even tiled shapes to get inspiration for your custom entrance mat.

Will a custom entrance mat still provide an effective barrier?

Several factors affect the specification of an Entrance Matting System, but essentially matting should ideally extend 1m either side of the entrance doors, or a greater distance if traffic is likely to naturally flow across the traffic direction. E.g. if the reception desk or lift lobby is positioned to one side of the entrance.

The ‘Front to Back’ (traffic direction) dimension of a mat, however, needs a little more consideration and will be heavily influenced by the location and the volume and type of traffic.

BS7953 recommends a minimum front to back length of 2100mm to accommodate the circumference of a large wheelchair wheel, while WELL building standards recommend a minimum of 3000mm for improved health and hygiene.

In the highest traffic areas such as major stations, stadiums and airports we recommend 6-10m for optimum performance.

By consulting with our expert team, you can ensure that even the most unique design will meet required standards.

To find out more, contact the team today for a free consultation and product samples.