A dark-grey matting fibre, available in a choice of five unusual graphic patterns to provide a subtle design detail for all Zone 2 and 3 areas. Made from 100% Econyl fibre and fire rated to Bfl-s1.

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INTRAlux Grafic Features

  • Made with 100% recycled Econyl Polyamide Yarn
  • Bfl-s1 Fire classification
  • Highest standard of wear resistance (Class 33)
  • Best in class sand and moisture absorption (Class 3)
  • Highly aesthetic with five attractive patterns to choose from
A 2mm
B 7mm
1 PVC Backing
2 Fibre pile
3 Subfloor


Product Reference INTRAlux Grafic Polypropylene Sheet Fibre Barrier Matting
Material Polypropylene Entrance Matting
Installation With surface of mat level with adjoining floor coverings
Surface mounted with low profile ramped edging trim – see INTRAlux Gripfit
Location Zones 2+3
Construction Non-woven PET/PA
Weight 4.09kg/m2
Depth 9.0mm
Fire Rating Bfl-s1
Roll Size 20m x 2m
Sustainability 100% Econyl fibre, phthalate free backing


Grafic Comb
Grafic Grid
Grafic Rings
Grafic Squares
Grafic Stone

Typical Specification:

N10 General Fixtures/Furnishings/
Equipment 300 Entrance Matting


14 Headlands Business Park, Salisbury Road Blashford, Ringwood BH24 3PB
T: +44(0)1425 472000 F: +44(0)1425 481981
E: info@intrasystems.co.uk

Product Reference:

INTRAlux Grafic Polyamide Fibre Matting

Product Description:

100% recycled Econyl yarn and nonwoven PET/PA primary backing, available in 5 design options
Installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions