This luxuriously thick barrier matting creates a red-carpet feel inside the entrance lobby. Exceptional absorbency, perfect for hotels and luxury, lower footfall applications

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INTRAlux Prestige Features

  • Commercial use 32 wear rated Polyamide Fibre
  • Luxurious thick pile for maximum comfort
  • Stunning solid colour product
  • Clf-s1 Fire Retardant
  • Available in rolls or cuts for next day service
A 2mm
B 8mm
1 PVC Backing
2 Fibre pile
3 Subfloor


Product Reference INTRAlux Prestige, Polyamide Sheet Fibre Barrier Matting
Material 1400 g/m² Pile Weight 100% PA6
100% recycled Econyl polyamide fibre
Installation With surface of mat level with adjoining floor coverings
Surface mounted with low profile ramped edging trim – see INTRAlux Gripfit
Location Zones 2+3
Construction PC Non-Woven Backing with Polyamide Pile
Weight 4.2kg/m2
Depth 10mm
Fire Rating Cfl-s1
Roll Size 25m x 2m
Sustainability Phthalate free backing


801 Claret
804 Desert
806 Urban
808 Midnight

Typical Specification:

N10 General Fixtures/Furnishings/
Equipment 300 Entrance Matting


14 Headlands Business Park, Salisbury Road Blashford, Ringwood BH24 3PB
T: +44(0)1425 472000 F: +44(0)1425 481981

Product Reference:

INTRAlux Prestige Polyamide
Fibre Barrier Matting

Product Description:

Polyamide 1400g/m² Fibre
Matting, for incidental use
Installed in accordance with
manufacturer’s instructions