Durable and cost effective ribbed
polypropylene fibre tile for ease of handling and quick installation, providing great flexibility and minimal waste.

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INTRAlux Rib Features

  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene Rib Tile
  • Surface mounted or shallow recessed application
  • Designed for use beyond Zone 1 & 2 matting, to enhance performance and ensure fullremoval of dirt and moisture
  • Excellent for use in lower traffic areas – stairwell areas, lift lobbies, fire escapes etc
  • Long-lasting appearance retention• Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Excellent all-round performance
  • Ease of installation and minimal wastage due to tile format
A 9.5mm
1 Bitumen Backing
2 Fibre pile
3 Sub floor



Product Reference INTRAlux Rib, Ribbed Polypropylene Tile Format Fibre Barrier Matting
Material 1150g/m² pile weight polypropylene fibre with bitumen backing
Installation With surface of mat level with adjoining floor coverings
Surface mounted with low profile ramped edging trim
Location Internal areas
Construction Polypropylene Ribbed Pile with Bitumen Backing
Weight 4.73kg/m2
Depth 9.5mm
Fire Rating Efl-s1
Tile Size 500mm x 500mm
Packaged 20 tiles per case, 5m2
Sustainability Phthalate free backing


14 Grey
07 Anthracite

Typical Specification:

N10 General Fixtures/Furnishings/
Equipment 300 Entrance Matting


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T: +44(0)1425 472000 F: +44(0)1425 481981
E: info@intrasystems.co.uk

Product Reference:

INTRAlux Rib Polypropylene Barrier

Product Description:

Polypropylene Fibre tile, with Bitumen Backing, Colour (reference).
Installed in accordance with
manufacturer’s instructions