Shopping Centres Strategy For Overcoming eCommerce

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Amazon, ASOS, Very; the list of big name eCommerce websites is growing by the day – but what does this mean for shopping centres? And how can they overcome these online giants?

Learn how shopping centres across the UK are going the extra mile to drive footfall and overcome the eCommerce giants. Discover all of the following and more:

  • What drives people into shopping centres? Insights from our own survey of consumers.
  • What the experts have to say. Hear from Christopher Bailey – Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, Mary Portas – Retailer Consultant and Broadcaster and Deborah Weinswig – Founder and CEO of Coresight News as well as INTRAsystems very own Joel Shorto – Northern Rep for Shopping Centres.
  • How to increase footfall into your shopping centre. Practical advice using real life examples such as Westfield Shopping Centre in London.
  • The future of shopping centres. How technology is being integrated to being the online experience in store and how your shopping centre can capitalise on it.

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Shopping Centre's Strategy For Overcoming eCommerce