• Battersea Power Station


    SystemINTRAflex XT & INTRAflow
    SpecificationBronze anodised with INTRAlux Elite fibre insert
    Flooring ContractorSDS Matting

    An iconic feature of the South Bank skyline, Battersea Power Station has been transformed into London’s most exciting shopping and leisure destination.

    The legendary landmark now boasts shops, restaurants, cinemas, corporate offices and even residential apartments. For one of the most talked about projects in the UK in recent years, there was only one Entrance Matting manufacturer that would fit the bill in this prestigious London location. INTRAflex XT and INTRAflow were both specified across the various entrance ways within the Battersea Power Station complex.

    The complex has high footfall areas for the shopping centre and leisure areas, residential apartments and corporate offices. This meant the Entrance Matting had to be highly functional and durable without compromising on the stunning designs and finishes planned for this historic renovation.

    A historic renovation

    For a £9bn project, the 8 million sq ft site is now home to a vibrant, mixed-use development for leisure, business and residential visitors and occupants to enjoy. For such an eagerly awaited project, INTRAflex XT was the obvious choice to provide the perfect first impression. Battersea Power Station has the capability to hold thousands of visitors at any one time. The Entrance Matting had to be able to withstand the heavy London foot traffic consistently.

    The main entrance way consists of large, open doorways exposing them to the elements during bad weather. So, durability was a real priority for this project. As a Grade II listed building, protecting the interior from dirt and moisture with our highly absorbent INTRAlux fibre inserts was another reason why our INTRA products were specified.

    More than meets the eye

    The aesthetic qualities of INTRAflex XT and INTRAflow were driving factors in the decision to specify our products. Refined and sophisticated, the bronze anodized finish brings a blend of industrial aesthetics with modern appeal that pairs perfectly with the Battersea Power Station interior and the project’s vision to create “a place that embraces our heritage, engages with our present and protects our future”.

    This meant that, of course, sustainability was of paramount importance. Specifying the sustainable and EPD-certified INTRAflex XT and INTRAflow products helped developers to continue their commitment to the environment. The long disused Battersea Power Station has been given new life to bring it into the modern age. INTRAsystems provides the perfect welcome back to the site with our Entrance Matting solutions that combine chic and subtle design qualities with market-leading performance.

    INTRAflex XT

    At the forefront of entrance matting design and innovation, this product has been used extensively …