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Environmental Policy

Axis House Ltd is committed to sourcing products which have as high as possible recycled content, without compromising durability and effectiveness.  As many as possible of the component parts of own brand INTRAsystems products are 100% recyclable.  We encourage all our customers to recycle products which we have supplied, once they are no longer in use.  All products are manufactured from highly durable materials to give maximum longevity which reduces the need for ongoing continuous manufacturing of non-environmentally friendly, poor quality ‘throw away’ products.

As a company, we show our commitment to the Environment in number of ways:

  • All key decisions made in the business consider the Environment, and what effect the decision will make on the Environment both short and long term.


  • We have a dedicated team who frequently analyse all areas of Environmental Policy, and review with directors and all members of staff.


  • All staff are made aware of the companies’ attitude towards conserving/protecting the Environment by a number of methods, including group discussions, informative speeches, and written material (posters, leaflets, memo sheets etc).


  • We actively encourage waste reduction and recycling in all areas of the business.


  • Environmental awareness and policy is one of our main concerns when considering any new supplier of product or labour.


  • Suppliers are frequently asked to provide up to date information on their Environmental Policies, and where necessary, visits to the supplier’s premises are carried out.


  • All sales staff actively promote products which have the least or negative adverse effect on the Environment, by marketing methods such as telesales, leaflets and brochures etc.



Consideration for the Environment remains paramount for Axis House Ltd.  We aim to increase awareness, not only throughout our Company and supply chain, but also to Customers, of the impact actions make on the Environment.  We aim to make these actions of the least negative effect on the Environment, and where possible create conditions so that the effect is actually positive and helps the Environment, which is seen in our certification to EN ISO 14001:2015.



Policy: May 2019                              Reviewed May 19th, 2019 _______________________________


Robert D Farrant – Axis House Ltd Director

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