Stainless SteelExtremely durable / Clean visual appearance / High cost
AluminiumExtremely durable / Excellent visual appearance / Medium cost
SyntheticHardwearing / Versatile / Lower Cost


RubberTypically used Externally and/or in areas of concentrated wear or high moisture ingress
Bristle BrushTypically used in External areas with heavy soiling
Polyamide FibreHigh quality fibre for optimum moisture absorption and retention in covered/internal areas
Polypropylene FibreHeavy duty fibre for internal areas, offering cost effective performance
FR InsertSpecialist insert for high fire risk areas such as Underground Stations
CombinationIntelligent use of two or more insert types can optimise performance and durability – typical example would be rubber / polyamide within a revolving door
WidthMatting should cover the full width of the entrance, providing an effective barrier to all foot-borne soil and moisture. Matting should typically extend approx. 1m beyond the entrance doors either side, or a greater distance if traffic is likely to naturally flow across the typical traffic direction – e.g. towards the reception desk or lift lobby if positioned to one side of the entrance.
Traffic DirectionThe ‘Front to Back’ (traffic direction) dimension of a mat is dependent on the factors above, especially the volume of traffic. A minimum of 3m is recommended in low traffic areas, and between 6-10m for optimum performance in the highest traffic areas.
80,000 – 150,000Major Stations and Airports / Event Stadiums
60,000 – 80,000Shopping Malls / Travel Termini
40,000 – 60,000Large Commercial Offices / Leisure Parks
20,000 – 40,000Hospitals / Museums / Department Stores
10,000 – 20,000Public Schools / High Street Stores / Colleges / Supermarkets
5,000 – 10,000Medium traffic commercial offices / Universities / Civic Centres / Hotels
1,000 – 5,000 Sports Centres / Lower Traffic Schools & Offices / Theatres / Surgeries / Care Homes
Extreme WearAirport: Heavy foot traffic, luggage cases and trolleys, cleaning machines, access equipment
Heavy WearSupermarket: Heavy foot traffic, shopping trolleys
Medium WearCivic Centre: Medium foot traffic, wheelchairs
Light WearPrimary school: Light foot traffic
Prevailing Wind DirectionWill rain be driven into the building entrance?
Size/Position of CanopyA larger canopy will help keep floor surface dry and protected from the elements
Angle of Building FaçadeWill the entrances be protected from or exposed to wind/rain?
External DrainageEffective removal of surface water will mean less can be tracked into the building
External Ground SurfacingTarmac / Paving / Loose Aggregates / Soil
Floor SurfaceHard floor surfaces must be kept clean and dry to prevent slips. Soft floor coverings must be
protected from excessive ingress of dirt and moisture to prevent damage or undue wear
Air CurtainAn effective air curtain will aid quick evaporation of surface moisture on the matting
Draught LobbyPreventing cold air and moisture being driven into the building will help keep the matting dry and
clean; meaning it will continue to remove and absorb maximum levels of foot-borne moisture
Revolving DoorLike a draught lobby, revolving doors are very effective in preventing the ingress of cold/wet air. However, the concentrated traffic within the revolving door normally necessitates a product and insert that are very durable
Pass doors / Wheelchair
Pass doors typically allow direct inflow of air – a suitable depth of matting beyond the door is
therefore important to provide effective performance. A full revolution of a typical wheelchair wheel will span 2000mm

Zonal Control

The key to a successful Entrance Matting installation is the right product with the right design. Appropriate use of INTRAsystems products will ensure maximum dirt and moisture removal to protect your internal floor coverings and reduce your cleaning costs while enhancing your entranceway with the matting’s aesthetic appeal.

Using the INTRAsystems Zonal system for Entrance Matting – a three-stage approach as illustrated is a proven way to combat the dirt and moisture at the door:

1. External Matting to remove coarse dirt and grit particles prior to entering the building
2. Heavy Duty recessed Internal Matting for further dirt and moisture removal.
3. Close fitted fibre products to thoroughly remove the remaining moisture.

A fully Zonal entrance matting system can be achieved using either a combination of different products within the entrance matting range or by using a consistent product with varying inserts. Rubber and Brush matting inserts are designed for external/exposed/concentrated traffic areas and Polyamide and Polypropylene fibre inserts for internal use.

Zonal Product Guide

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3


INTRAsystems products have been designed to function to the standards of BS7953:1999 Entrance Flooring Systems. Selection, Installation and Maintenance:

  • Reduce the ingress of soiling and moisture into a building or to reduce the transfer of soil from one part of a building to another;
  • Reduce slipping incidents by reducing the amount of soil and moisture tracked onto hard and resilient floors;
  • Prolong the life of interior floor finishes by reducing the ingress of abrasive soil;
  • Reduce the cleaning requirements of internal floors by reducing the ingress of soil onto internal floor finishes.

To fulfill these functions an entrance flooring system should have the following qualities:

  • Removal and retention of soil;
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance;
  • Retention of physical characteristics.

By specifying INTRAsystems barrier matting and flooring products it can help you comply with BS8300:2009 Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people.

Code of Practice:

…the ingress of soil and surface moisture to buildings, or their transfer between adjacent internal areas, should be reduced to the lowest practical level, e.g. through the use of appropriate entrance matting and flooring systems conforming to BS7953:1999.

INTRAsystems entrance matting and flooring products have provided solutions for legislation as to the Equality Act 2010, in particular in connection with the Disabled Equality Duty in the DDA. The Disability Right Commission provides advice as to how buildings should be altered or designed to ensure compliance with the Disabled Discrimination Act of 2004:

Checking that entrance mats are flush: this can prevent a potential tripping hazard to customers with visual impairments (who may not see the hazard) and to customers using aids such as walking sticks or crutches or who have difficulty keeping their balance. It is best to avoid bristle matting which may be difficult for wheelchair users to cross.


INTRAsystems is committed to the sustainable operation and development of our business and we are constantly seeking better ways to control and minimise the impact we have on our environment.

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 100% recycled aluminium

  • Regenerated nylon yarns


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INTRAsystems is moving to new manufacturing premises in 2023! As of 3 January 2023, our new address is:
6 Cobham Rd, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7PE

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