INTRAsystems is committed to the sustainable operation and development of our business and we are constantly seeking better ways to control and minimise the impact we have on our environment.

Working on key projects throughout the UK and Europe, we are familiar with all environmental ratings such as BREEAM, LEED and WELL Building standards and help clients achieve, and exceed, their sustainability goals. In 2023, we also published a series of nine cradle to grave EPD’s, the only Entrance Matting supplier in the UK to provide this level of environmental transparency.

What is an EPD?

An  Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, is a standardised document which transparently communicates the environmental performance or impact of a product or material over its lifetime. Each EPD document must be independently verified by a third-party expert. It then remains valid for five years from the date of verification.

As more manufacturers commit to a sustainable future, the aim is to generate a library of high-quality and scientifically robust EPDs. This is to inform users about the environmental credentials of construction products and to enable the evaluation and benchmarking of whole buildings in the UK and across the globe.

Which INTRA products have an EPD available?

INTRAfow Plus

You can download each Entrance Matting EPD from the relevant product page linked above or via NBS Source, Barbour Product Directory and Specified By.

They can also be found on the official Environdec International EPD website library, the global EPD programme for publication of ISO14025 and EN15804 compliant EPDs. Just search for INTRAsystems in the top bar to find all of our EPDs!

How we contribute towards your BREEAM points, LEED credits and WELL certification*

The INTRAsystems  Environmental Policy  sets clear targets for ongoing improvement to ensure the company continues to lead in our increasingly aware society.

To demonstrate our commitment, we pledge to continually improve our products, services and partnerships and to have accreditation for your ease of environmental scoring for green building certification.

100% recycled and recyclable materials

With a commitment to reduce our environmental impact, more than 80% of our fibre range is now made from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon, contributing to green building practices. ECONYL® carpet fibres are eligible for LEED® points, so you can specify high-performance entrance matting without compromising the environment.

Our rails are made from 100% recycled aluminium, which can be recycled to infinity without any loss of quality and our extrusion process uses a closed-loop cooling system that reduces energy and waste by recycling water to further minimise our environmental impact.

Our architectural grilles and ceiling grilles are available in 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium.

An estimated 92% of the stainless steel used in architecture, building and construction is recaptured and recycled at the end of service according to the International Stainless Steel Forum, so it’s the natural choice for architects working towards BREEAM and LEED.

Our PVC tiles are also 100% recyclable and our INTRAbamboo matting is made from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo.

98% recovery rate

We aim to recover, recycle and reuse raw materials whenever possible. Through our regeneration contract, aluminium is cleaned and recycled, and inserts are removed and converted into secondary synthetics. We are proud that our regeneration contract achieves a 98% recovery rate.

8-15 year lifecycle

By using high quality materials and considered production processes to produce our entrance matting and grilles, you can expect our products to perform for 8–15 years and we offer some of the longest warranties in the industry for our entrance matting. By specifying high quality products that require less frequent replacement you further reduce environmental impact.

80% effective removal

Correctly specified and well-designed entrance matting can remove up to 80% of dirt and allergens from foot traffic, minimising the need and significantly reducing the costs for cleaning. Full cleaning and maintenance guides are available for all products.

Reduced carbon footprint and wastage

We provide a wide selection of free BIM objects, through the BIM Store and National BIM Library to enable faster, safer, less wasteful construction. Electronic versions of all our product brochures, spec sheets and CAD cross sections are also available for download on our website.

Our matting and grilles are produced to bespoke order and carefully planned distribution direct to our clients reduces unnecessary transport and CO2 emissions. All our installations are assembled to precise measurements to further reduce wastage and our production achieves an impressive component wastage of less than 0.5%.

Sustainable Production

We are proud to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited. All production in the UK is also carried out in accordance with the Waste Management Act. We only use similarly accredited suppliers, including 100% solar powered and carbon neutral plants.

We work closely with our suppliers to design products and evaluate processes to minimise waste, reduce energy usage and seek continuous improvements to jointly minimise our impact on our environment.

Fighting Plastic Pollution

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to the environment, we are pleased to support Plastic Oceans UK to help raise awareness of the plastic pollution issue – to change attitudes, behaviours and practices with the aim to stop plastic pollution reaching the ocean within a generation. Find out how you can reduce your plastic footprint at