Public Buildings

Museums, Civic Offices, Theatres, Event Areas

Exhibition Halls, Civic Offices, Museums, Theatres, Event Areas

Being areas of public focus, safety, performance and the aesthetics of any Entrance Matting is paramount. Traffic levels vary between locations, so careful selection of the most appropriate matting system must be taken.

Access for disabled persons needs to be safe and easy, and suitable matting should be considered for areas with wheeled access, ensuring the matting extends in travel direction across a distance that is greater than the circumference of a normal wheelchair.

INTRAsystems has supplied to the following projects:

  • Woolwich Civic Centre
  • Guildford Civic Centre
  • Brent Civic Hall
  • Birmingham Library
  • Leavesden Studios, Warner Bros
  • Bournemouth International Conference Centre
  • Hepworth Art Gallery,
  • Royal & Deangate Theatre, Northampton
  • Turner Art Gallery, Margate
  • Salisbury Law Courts
  • St Paul’s Visitor Centre
  • Newcastle City Library
  • New Cardiff Library
  • Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury
  • Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth

Specification Guidelines

System Specification Hardwearing material such as aluminium or PVC, with high performance inserts. External matting recommended with rubber inserts, combination rubber/fibre inserts within circular doors etc, polyamide fibre inserts internally
Matwell Size Matwells should cover the full width of the entrance doors and recommended to extend between 5-8m in the traffic direction. Where matwell size is restricted, surface bonded high performance fibre can be considered for increased performance
Volume of Traffic High to Extreme wear: with concentrated traffic flow during peak periods/event days etc.
Type of Traffic Heavy Wear – Foot traffic / Wheelchairs / Mobility Scooters etc.
External Environment Often exposed areas with hard surfaces – prevention of moisture ingress is primary
Internal Environment Effective soil & moisture removal for protection of internal floor finishes and the prevention of slips on hard floors due to surface moisture