INTRA launches NEW fibre insert range

24th March 2022

INTRAshape entrance matting installation at AberInnovation is shortlisted in the CFJ Awards, ‘Flooring in education – colleges/universities’

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New RIBA-Approved CPD Articles

21st July 2021

Two new CPD articles approved by the RIBA

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CFJ Awards 2021 Finalists

20th April 2021

INTRAshape entrance matting installation at AberInnovation is shortlisted in the CFJ Awards, ‘Flooring in education – colleges/universities’

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Brand New Grilles CPD

Everything you need to know to successfully specify welded wedge wire grilles for a wide range of applications.

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Live CPD Webinar Monday 14th December 12-1pm

9th December 2020

Discover everything you need to know to specify functional and creative entrance matting in our live webinar.

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3 New Entrance Matting Specification Guides

20th October 2020

New Guides for Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals & Healthcare, and Road, Rail & Air

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Specifying Entrance Matting for Schools & Universities

24th September 2020

A guide to specifying entrance matting for schools, colleges & Universities

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Specifying Entrance Matting for Road, Rail and Air

23rd September 2020

A guide to specifying entrance matting for stations and airports

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Entrance Matting CPD Now Accredited by BIID

26th August 2020

Our Entrance Matting CPD seminar is now accredited by the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)

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Specifying Entrance Matting for Hospitals and Healthcare

22nd July 2020

A guide to specifying entrance matting for hospitals and healthcare settings.

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Entrance Systems for Improved Hygiene

24th April 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19, health and hygiene considerations have been brought to the fore – Entrance Matting is your building’s first line of defence.

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A Quick Guide to Specifying Metal Grilles

5th March 2020

5 key considerations before writing your metal grille specification for walkways, ceilings, façades soffits, trench covers or even wall features.

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4 Steps to Sustainable Entrance Matting

20th February 2020

The right entrance matting specification will support your ‘green’ goals in a variety of ways.

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Express your retail brand with entrance matting

6th February 2020

Considering entrance mat design as part of your store concept will help ensure a seamless brand experience

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Fire Resistant Entrance Matting for Travel Termini

22nd January 2020

What role does entrance matting play in fire safety?

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Creative Entrance Matting Design

16th January 2020

Possibilities, performance ratings and specification considerations for creative entrance matting.

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Our Favourite Entrance Matting Projects of 2019

5th December 2019

Some of the team’s favourite entrance matting installations of 2019.

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Get ahead in 2020 with double CPD points

4th December 2019

Find out more about our RIBA Core Curriculum CPD offering.

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Entrance Matting and Fire Safety

20th November 2019

Post Grenfell, fire-rated entrance matting has never been more important.

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Why Choose Brush Entrance Matting For Your Building?

6th November 2019

Entrance matting to take on the toughest challenges…

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5 Entrance Mats to Inspire your Reception Design

23rd October 2019

Creative entrance mat designs to help spark your creativity.

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Why Choose a Custom Entrance Mat?

9th October 2019

This most functional and essential entrance feature is often overlooked in terms of design

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How entrance matting reduces maintenance costs

25th September 2019

85% of dirt can be left at the door with a well-designed entrance matting system.

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The benefits of stainless steel in architectural design

22nd August 2019

Introducing INTRAgrille

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Entrance Matting for Hotels, Leisure and Sport

7th August 2019

Hotels, Leisure and Sports venues experience some of the highest and most varied visitor…

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The first RIBA-Approved Article on Entrance Matting

24th July 2019

The first and only RIBA-approved article on entrance matting.

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Our Top 7 Entrance Matting Projects

11th July 2019

We asked the team about their favourite installations and why

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Entrance Matting for Travel Termini

12th June 2019

Airports, train stations, and bus stations deal with some of the most extreme levels of multi-directional foot traffic – with many experiencing more than 150,000 crossings per entrance, per day. As well as foot traffic, these busy entrances must cope with wheeled cases, baggage trolleys and access equipment, often 24 hours a day. The internal […]

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Entrance Matting for Educational Buildings

5th June 2019

Schools, colleges and universities have some unique challenges when it comes to entrance matting. An average of 0.58g of dirt is brought into a building by every pair of shoes – multiply that by the number of students and faculty coming and going every day and that’s a lot of unsightly dirt that could affect […]

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How to Specify Entrance Matting

29th May 2019

Is the entrance matting in your latest project a black rectangular afterthought? Do you want to meet building regulations without compromising on your entrance design? We offer high quality RIBA assessed and approved CPD material and informal briefing sessions to help you specify entrance matting that will complement and enhance your building design. Get hands-on […]

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Now on bimstore!

15th May 2019

It’s now even easier to specify INTRAsystems entrance matting, with three of our flagship products now available on bimstore! INTRAform DM INTRAflex XT INTRAflow Launched in 2011, bimstore creates and distributes free BIM content in all formats including Autodesk Revit, Archicad, Bentley and IFC. “We are delighted to have worked closely with INTRAsystems to create […]

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What Size Should Entrance Matting Be?

29th April 2019

Entrance Matting occupies a prime space in every building. It is the very first impression and last connection that every visitor makes with the location. At INTRAsystems we believe in getting creative with entrance matting and using the vital space it occupies to mesmerise every visitor – but that doesn’t mean compromising on performance. A […]

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Stand out in the Retail Crowd

23rd April 2019

Foot traffic is critical to the success of retail but how do you stand out in an exceedingly competitive marketplace? According to the Retail Dive Consumer Survey, only 18% of shoppers go in because of the in-store experience and a staggering 66% of shoppers say they go just to try the item before buying online. […]

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It’s Not Always Black and White

27th March 2019

Our brains are designed to respond instantly to colour, producing a chemical reaction that triggers memories and associations to people, places and events. The power of colour association is so strong that many brands can be identified by colour alone. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Cadbury have even gone so far as to trademark […]

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Understanding Entrance Matting Standards & Legislation

20th March 2019

Understand the key standards, requirements and legislation applicable to entrance matting.

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Why Should I Use Secondary Matting?

20th February 2019

Secondary Matting is a type of Entrance Matting that is typically installed internally in Zones 2 and 3.  Secondary matting is most effective when used in a three stage Zonal Entrance Matting system. Having a zonal approach to Entrance Matting will optimise performance to minimise the ingress of soil and moisture into your building. This […]

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Entrance Matting

6th February 2019

Entrance Matting plays a crucial role in ensuring dirt and moisture are left at the door and not tracked into your building where they can cause unnecessary wear and tear to your interiors or worse- cause slip and trip hazards! In playing its small but vital role, Entrance Matting can get dirty – quickly. It […]

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INTRAlux, Econyl and Plastics Ocean

16th January 2019

At INTRAsystems we are committed to the sustainable operation and development of our business and are constantly seeking better ways to control and minimise the impact we have on our environment. Working on key projects throughout the UK and Europe, we are familiar with all environmental ratings such as BREEAM, LEED and WELL Building standards […]

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The Resurgence of Herringbone

22nd November 2018

History Of Herringbone First introduced by the Romans, herringbone was considered the height of fashion in the 18th and 19th centuries when parquet flooring proliferated throughout Europe. This classic flooring design only lost its popularity after WW2 with the rise of synthetic fibres. Now herringbone and its more angular cousin, the chevron, are staging a […]

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Why does the Retail Sector need to worry about Entrance Matting?

31st August 2017

  Did you know that slips, trips and falls account for about a fifth of all reported accidents in the retail sector? As well as identifying the types of risks faced in this sector, it also crucial to consider the precautions you should take for your customers to mitigate such risks. We believe strongly in […]

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15th October 2018

Shopping centres are constantly battling the ease and convenience of eCommerce in the quest to encourage footfall. Our recent whitepaper, ‘Shopping Centre’s Strategy For Overcoming eCommerce’ revealed that 39% of consumers would be more likely to visit a shopping centre if it better integrated modern technologies. This is a highly relevant topic right now, with […]

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Entrance Matting in Healthcare Facilities

9th October 2018

Healthcare facilities have the responsibility to help cure patients and improve their health. Along with doctors and medical staff, the facilities managers are required to maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere inside their premises. These facilities sometimes work to a tight budget therefore minimising any unnecessary overheads will ultimately mean better distribution of funds for […]

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Shapes In the Past – Shapes In The Future

26th September 2018

Shapes have been an important part of civilisation for thousands of years. They’ve been used to map out journeys, create extravagant buildings and plot the positions of the stars. But where did shapes, and more specifically geometry, all begin? Geometry means “to measure the earth” and is the science behind the size and shape of […]

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Entrance Matting for Commercial Offices

28th August 2018

  Since commercial offices usually record substantial footfalls every day and, more importantly, have an image to portray to prospective clients and customers, it is imperative that they keep their premises presentable. Studies have shown that more than 80% of all contaminants affecting offices a come from the shoes of the people entering these buildings. […]

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Download Our Shopping Centre Whitepaper

14th August 2018

The history of eCommerce dates back to 1970s but it really took of in the 90s with the development of internet securities. This industry is amongst the most popular with the fastest growth rate it is no surprise that eCommerce has also become the biggest threat to shopping centre footfall in the modern world. It […]

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Why The Length Of Entrance Matting Matters

3rd July 2018

A clean and aesthetically pleasing entrance will always leave a positive impression on the entrants. Installing Entrance Matting therefore should be a top priority. But before we discuss why the correct length of entrance matting matters, it is important to understand the fundamental reasons to use Barrier Matting. Firstly, an effective matting system can reduce […]

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Shopping Centre Strategies for Overcoming eCommerce

26th June 2018

The history of ecommerce dates back to the 1990s with the development of internet security. With an incredibly fast-growing rate, eCommerce has now become the biggest threat to shopping centre footfall in the modern world. For Shopping centre managers, owners, and the shop managers themselves, this means adapting strategies and even utilising online methods to […]

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What Does Creativity Mean to the Staff at INTRAsystems

19th June 2018

This week we will be talking to one of our key sales member and get their take on what creativity means to them. Rob is one of the partners of the firm. He brings a vast bank of experience and knowledge to the sale team and our customers. Rob has worked in the Entrance Matting […]

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INTRAflow Just Got Bigger!

6th June 2018

2018 is a year of Innovation for INTRAsystems, it is no surprise that we have yet another exciting product to add to our family. We are doing this by utilising our INTRAform Double Module Heavy Duty Entrance Matting and adding a splash of colour to it. Introducing INTRAflow Plus a heavy-duty aluminium plank system now […]

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Surviving the Retail Doom and Gloom

5th June 2018

Several major high street retailers have reported declines in their profits including the likes of Debenhams, shopping centre owners Hammersons and most recently Mothercare, who have confirmed they are closing 50 stores as part of a rescue plan. Reports also state the catering and hospitality industry are being affected with many restaurant branches such as […]

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New Product Flowing into our Family

25th May 2018

INTRAform Drainable has been one of our longest performing Entrance Matting solutions in our product portfolio. It has been installed in some of the top travel termini, commercial offices and some amazing retail stores. Our product development team has been hard at work in #InnovatingByDesign and developing a new version of this matting system, we […]

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23rd May 2018

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are used throughout the architectural industry to help architects and designers thoroughly plan their building designs and ensure every eventuality has been covered. In recent times however, we have noticed that there has been a shift from using CAD to BIM. In our whitepaper, BIM Vs […]

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INTRAform DM – now with Rubber Inserts

22nd May 2018

  INTRAform Double Module is an Aluminium Entrance Matting system with extra wide channels for fibre inserts. This makes it the perfect option for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic areas. Double Module is a very high-end entrance matting solution popular amongst clients who want function and form. Its applications range from luxury hotel such […]

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15th May 2018

The business dictionary defines innovation as “the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay”. Looking at the history, some of the major companies we know today started in a garage or a shed; Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook. They all had […]

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Download our latest Whitepaper on BIM vs CAD

25th April 2018

  Combining over 35 years of experience in the Entrance Matting industry, we have worked with some truly amazing clients and created some stunning entrances. From the glamorous Shard in London to the Ferrari showroom in New Zealand we have lived by our motto to enhance buildings by design. Over the years we have adapted […]

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Key Findings of BIM vs CAD

18th April 2018

The architectural industry is moving forward at a rapid pace as new technology continues to evolve and provide a more precise detailed view of building design. With Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) both offering a unique perspective into the look and feel of a building, which should you be using? With […]

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Choosing the Right Entrance Flooring for your Building Design

28th March 2018

  Putting together a building design can be a very daunting task for any architect. Architects produce these drawings for a number of reasons and use different drawings to communicate different things. These plans accompanied with specification sheets for everything from materials, installation practices, building regulations, time management and much more are used to turn […]

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What Is The Correct Size Of My Entrance Matting?

14th March 2018

Click Here to Download the latest Whitepaper  

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13th March 2018

With online shopping becoming more popular than ever, there’s never been a more important time to think about how you can encourage window shoppers to come in and complete their purchases with you, rather than your competitors. Many customers make their purchasing decisions based on the physical attributes of a shop – and this includes […]

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Q&A With James Farrant

6th March 2018

This week we’re doing a different type of blog, one where we get to meet captain of our ship – Managing Partner James Farrant, so, lets dive in!   Where are you from?  Did you grow up locally? I’ve always been in the Bournemouth area – born in the old Boscombe Hospital and lived for […]

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Has Your Shopping Centre Flooring Survived the Christmas Period?

30th January 2018

  Christmas is a period of sharing gifts and spending time with families. As always it is also a time for consumers to do a lot of shopping. The retail spending in the United Kingdom during the 2017 Christmas period was estimated to be at £25bn ( Even with the developments in e-commerce, Shopping Centres […]

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12th December 2017

We’ve finally come to the end of our #GetOnYourFeet competition with the chance to win a Fitbit Charge 2 and it’s been amazing to see so many people up and on their feet at work! We understand that working all day, especially in an office, makes it incredibly hard to get up and active. But, […]

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INTRAsystems Is Taking Part in a Marathon

30th November 2017

  Corporate Social responsibility is something we have always taken very seriously. In the past we have helped the likes of Get Kids Going where our very own Peter Farrant ran the London Marathon and we have also supported Parkinson’s UK by raising money through corporate sponsorship. Charity therefore is in our DNA. This year […]

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16th November 2017

Train stations, university entrance ways, retail store; they all have one thing in common – they are high traffic areas with a lot of footfall. These types of buildings need a strong, durable entrance matting system in place in order to withstand the day to day usage. At INTRAsystems, we provide highly durable entrance matting […]

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2nd November 2017

We’re just over a month into our #GetOnYourFeet competition with the chance to win a Fitbit Charge 2 and we’ve received so many inspiring entries already! Our #GetOnYourFeet competition aims to get you up and moving during your working day, whether that’s a walk to the office, taking the stairs instead of the lift or […]

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5 things to look for when choosing your flooring Company

14th September 2017

  Having new flooring fitted in your workplace can be a major job, involving everything from choosing the right flooring and matting to suit your requirements, to installation and the removal of your previous flooring. Choosing the right flooring requires decisions to be made with the help of an expert team who can assist you […]

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Caring For The Environment – Our Sustainable Cycle

6th September 2017

  In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, companies are realising that ensuring they are sustainable makes long-term economic sense, and isn’t just seen as an environmental gesture. Intrasystems has an undeviating commitment to act responsibly in care of the environment. Working on key projects throughout the UK and Europe, we are familiar with all environmental ratings […]

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What Size Should my Entrance Matting Be?

13th July 2017

  What Size Should my Entrance Matting be? Making the right entrance matting choice is important. Having the right size of matting when installing is even more paramount, as it can mean the difference between a hazardous entrance and a clean and safe one. Therefore, to ensure the safety of everyone in the premises a […]

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A Clean Mat is an Efficient Mat

29th June 2017

  Entrance Matting is a very important product that helps keep the ingress of dirt and moisture out and help maintain the safety in the building by preventing slips and trips. But entrance Matting can get dirty it is estimated that an average of 0.58g of soil is brought into the building with every entrant. […]

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What is Secondary Matting?

3rd July 2017

  Have you ever wondered what an Entrance Matting is? Probably not, yet it’s something we have all walked over, whether that was whilst walking into an office or shopping centre or a public building. It’s one product that has played an important role in keeping the premises clean and safe, yet most are hardly […]

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Improving the Aesthetics of Offices with Stainless Steel Grilles

23rd June 2017

In our previous blog about INTRAgrille we discussed how Stainless Steel can have a variety of applications and touched upon the INTRAgrille product offering. In this blog, we will be discussing the different ways this product can be installed in offices and the benefits of using it. Let’s dive in! When we talk about office […]

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How We Work With Architects Part 2

2nd June 2017

  In our recent blog, we discussed how we work with architects. That blog outlined the different tools we use to make the process easier, from sending high quality samples to high quality brochures and downloadable resources such as the NBS and National BIM library files. This week’s blog will go into detail about the […]

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Entrance Matting for Sports & Leisure Facilities

6th April 2017

A building’s Entrance Matting System plays a key role in creating an inviting and safe environment for the users. The majority of dirt that enters a building is brought in on the soles of shoes and tyres of wheeled traffic. This can make interiors look dirty and unattractive and cause damage to interior floor finishes. […]

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How to Keep My Centre Clean?

30th March 2017

In the world of retail, corporate offices and public buildings people respond to the appearance of the building. It is no secret that a well-maintained centre will always be favoured over the rest. Meeting customer expectation is vital and keeping the centres clean and tidy is part of the reputational challenge that owners face, as […]

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What Does Sustainability Mean For Entrance Matting?

  Sustainability is defined as “A process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations” (The World Commission on Environment and Development). Businesses these days have […]

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What is the Cost of Entrance Matting

23rd March 2017

  A building’s Entrance Matting System plays a key role in creating an inviting and safe environment for the users. The majority of dirt that enters a building is brought in on the soles of shoes and tyres of wheeled traffic. This can make interiors look dirty and unattractive and cause damage to interior floor […]

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How Does Weather Affect Entrance Matting?

17th March 2017

  Weather changes on a day-to-day basis, and we can never truly predict how it will interact with matting systems, that’s why we need to be prepared. At INTRAsystems we believe this preparation starts with installing the right product at the door to keep the ingress of dirt and moisture to a minimum and increase […]

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Legal Requirements For Entrance Matting

8th March 2017

  Legal Requirements for Entrance Matting A building’s Entrance Matting System plays a key role in creating an inviting and safe environment for the user. The majority of dirt that enters a building is brought in on the soles of shoes and tyres of wheeled traffic. This can make interiors look dirty and unattractive and […]

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Does Wheeled Traffic function on Entrance Matting?

24th February 2017

Today’s modern Entrance Mats have come a long way from the ones used by our ancestors who placed straws, sawdust, and old rags in the doorway to keep the floors clean. They also didn’t have to worry about wheeled traffic bringing dirt into the building and damaging the internal flooring. Modern day technology and materials […]

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The Best Machines to Clean Entrance Matting

16th February 2017

  We may not be exposed to cosmic dust, but we do have to deal with the common ‘Earth’ dust on a daily basis! Educational institutes, corporate offices, retail stores, travel terminus, shopping centres and many more are battling this force every day. INTRAmatting entrance matting systems which combines sleek, modern-design is playing a vital […]

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Branding with Entrance Matting

15th February 2017

Marketing is the life-blood of every brand-to-customer relationship and is heavily integrated with sales. When companies first launch, they are run by builders and sellers; builders create the products while sellers are the distribution channel who create a 1:1 relationships with customers. Creating a corporate identity that resonates with its consumers is therefore extremely crucial, […]

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Fitting Guide for Entrance Matting

2nd February 2017

  Aluminium Entrance Matting is a premium product and it makes the entrance of any building look and feel great, but only when it is installed correctly.  A properly fitted aluminium entrance mat will be accurately cut on all sides to the shape of the matwell, it will be fitted so there is rib alignment […]

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