EPDs: What are they and how do I use them?

Understanding Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) is fast becoming critical for sustainable procurement in the built environment. In this blog we give you a comprehensive overview…


RIBA Announces Change to CPD Requirements

Following changes to RIBA CPD requirements, we explain the updates and how INTRAsystems can help with Entrance Matting CPD.

INTRAsystems products on NBS Source

INTRA launches new specification writing service

Save time and confusion with INTRA’s new NBS Chorus spec-writing service and get your

NBS Source
wood effect entrance matting

Bamboo vs Aluminium: The look you want with the performance you need

INTRAform DM Low Profile offers a wood-like, bamboo aesthetic finish with the functional and environmental benefits of recycled aluminium

Product Update
Entrance Matting EPD

INTRAsystems announces publication of a range of EPD Certificates

Architects and specifiers looking for entrance matting products with EPDs can head straight to INTRAsystems for a full range of 9 Cradle to Grave EPD verified products


INTRAsystems is moving office

INTRAsystems is moving to new manufacturing premises in 2023! As of 3 January 2023, our new address is:
6 Cobham Rd, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7PE

Company News

INTRA launches next-generation recycled PVC entrance matting

INTRAsystems has broken ground again with the launch of a brand-new modular entrance matting product. INTRAlink2

NEW Product Launch

INTRA launches NEW fibre insert range

INTRAshape entrance matting installation at AberInnovation is shortlisted in the CFJ Awards, ‘Flooring in education – colleges/universities’

NEW Product Launch

New RIBA-Approved CPD Articles

Two new CPD articles approved by the RIBA

CFJ Awards 2021 Finalists

INTRAshape entrance matting installation at AberInnovation is shortlisted in the CFJ Awards, ‘Flooring in education – colleges/universities’

Brand New Grilles CPD

Everything you need to know to successfully specify welded wedge wire grilles for a wide range of applications.

Live CPD Webinar Monday 14th December 12-1pm

Discover everything you need to know to specify functional and creative entrance matting in our live webinar.

3 New Entrance Matting Specification Guides

New Guides for Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals & Healthcare, and Road, Rail & Air

entrance matting for schools, colleges and universiites

Specifying Entrance Matting for Schools & Universities

A guide to specifying entrance matting for schools, colleges & Universities

Specifying Entrance Matting for Road, Rail and Air

A guide to specifying entrance matting for stations and airports

Entrance Matting CPD Now Accredited by BIID

Our Entrance Matting CPD seminar is now accredited by the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)

entrance matting for hospitals and healthcare

Specifying Entrance Matting for Hospitals and Healthcare

A guide to specifying entrance matting for hospitals and healthcare settings.

Entrance Systems for Improved Hygiene

With the outbreak of COVID-19, health and hygiene considerations have been brought to the fore – Entrance Matting is your building’s first line of defence.

metal flooring grille

A Quick Guide to Specifying Metal Grilles

5 key considerations before writing your metal grille specification for walkways, ceilings, façades soffits, trench covers or even wall features.

4 Steps to Sustainable Entrance Matting

The right entrance matting specification will support your ‘green’ goals in a variety of ways.

Express your retail brand with entrance matting

Considering entrance mat design as part of your store concept will help ensure a seamless brand experience

Fire Resistant Entrance Matting for Travel Termini

What role does entrance matting play in fire safety?

Creative Entrance Matting Design

Possibilities, performance ratings and specification considerations for creative entrance matting.

Our Favourite Entrance Matting Projects of 2019

Some of the team’s favourite entrance matting installations of 2019.

Get ahead in 2020 with double CPD points

Find out more about our RIBA Core Curriculum CPD offering.

Entrance Matting and Fire Safety

Post Grenfell, fire-rated entrance matting has never been more important.

Why Choose Brush Entrance Matting For Your Building?

Entrance matting to take on the toughest challenges…

5 Entrance Mats to Inspire your Reception Design

Creative entrance mat designs to help spark your creativity.

Why Choose a Custom Entrance Mat?

This most functional and essential entrance feature is often overlooked in terms of design

How entrance matting reduces maintenance costs

85% of dirt can be left at the door with a well-designed entrance matting system.

The benefits of stainless steel in architectural design

Introducing INTRAgrille

Entrance Matting for Hotels, Leisure and Sport

Hotels, Leisure and Sports venues experience some of the highest and most varied visitor…

The first RIBA-Approved Article on Entrance Matting

The first and only RIBA-approved article on entrance matting.

Our Top 7 Entrance Matting Projects

We asked the team about their favourite installations and why

Entrance Matting for Travel Termini

Entrance Matting for Educational Buildings

Schools, colleges and universities have some unique challenges when it comes to entrance matting. An …

How to Specify Entrance Matting

Now on bimstore!

What Size Should Entrance Matting Be?

Stand out in the Retail Crowd

Foot traffic is critical to the success of retail but how do you stand out …

It’s Not Always Black and White

Our brains are designed to respond instantly to colour, producing a chemical reaction that triggers …

Understanding Entrance Matting Standards & Legislation

Understand the key standards, requirements and legislation applicable to entrance matting.

Why Should I Use Secondary Matting?

How to Clean and Maintain Your Entrance Matting

INTRAlux, Econyl and Plastics Ocean

At INTRAsystems we are committed to the sustainable operation and development of our business and …

The Resurgence of Herringbone

History Of Herringbone First introduced by the Romans, herringbone was considered the height of fashion …

Why does the Retail Sector need to worry about Entrance Matting?


Shopping centres are constantly battling the ease and convenience of eCommerce in the quest to …

Entrance Matting in Healthcare Facilities

Shapes In the Past – Shapes In The Future

Shapes have been an important part of civilisation for thousands of years. They’ve been used …

Entrance Matting for Commercial Offices

Download Our Shopping Centre Whitepaper

The history of eCommerce dates back to 1970s but it really took of in the …

Why The Length Of Entrance Matting Matters

Shopping Centre Strategies for Overcoming eCommerce

The history of ecommerce dates back to the 1990s with the development of internet security. …

What Does Creativity Mean to the Staff at INTRAsystems

This week we will be talking to one of our key sales member and get …

INTRAflow Just Got Bigger!

2018 is a year of Innovation for INTRAsystems, it is no surprise that we have …

Surviving the Retail Doom and Gloom

Several major high street retailers have reported declines in their profits including the likes of …

New Product Flowing into our Family

INTRAform Drainable has been one of our longest performing Entrance Matting solutions in our product …


Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are used throughout the architectural industry …

INTRAform DM – now with Rubber Inserts

INTRAform Double Module is an Aluminium Entrance Matting system with extra wide channels for fibre …


The business dictionary defines innovation as “the process of translating an idea or invention into …

Download our latest Whitepaper on BIM vs CAD

Combining over 35 years of experience in the Entrance Matting industry, we have worked with …

Key Findings of BIM vs CAD

The architectural industry is moving forward at a rapid pace as new technology continues to …

Choosing the Right Entrance Flooring for your Building Design

What Is The Correct Size Of My Entrance Matting?

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With online shopping becoming more popular than ever, there’s never been a more important time …

Q&A With James Farrant

Has Your Shopping Centre Flooring Survived the Christmas Period?

Christmas is a period of sharing gifts and spending time with families. As always it …


We’ve finally come to the end of our #GetOnYourFeet competition with the chance to win …

INTRAsystems Is Taking Part in a Marathon

Corporate Social responsibility is something we have always taken very seriously. In the past we …



5 things to look for when choosing your flooring Company

Having new flooring fitted in your workplace can be a major job, involving everything from …

Caring For The Environment – Our Sustainable Cycle

What Size Should my Entrance Matting Be?

A Clean Mat is an Efficient Mat

Entrance Matting is a very important product that helps keep the ingress of dirt and …

What is Secondary Matting?

Improving the Aesthetics of Offices with Stainless Steel Grilles

How We Work With Architects Part 2

Entrance Matting for Sports & Leisure Facilities

A building’s Entrance Matting System plays a key role in creating an inviting and safe …

How to Keep My Centre Clean?

In the world of retail, corporate offices and public buildings people respond to the appearance …

What Does Sustainability Mean For Entrance Matting?

Sustainability is defined as “A process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the …

What is the Cost of Entrance Matting

A building’s Entrance Matting System plays a key role in creating an inviting and safe …

How Does Weather Affect Entrance Matting?

Weather changes on a day-to-day basis, and we can never truly predict how it will …

Legal Requirements For Entrance Matting

Does Wheeled Traffic function on Entrance Matting?

Today’s modern Entrance Mats have come a long way from the ones used by our …

The Best Machines to Clean Entrance Matting

We may not be exposed to cosmic dust, but we do have to deal with …

Branding with Entrance Matting

Marketing is the life-blood of every brand-to-customer relationship and is heavily integrated with sales. When …

Fitting Guide for Entrance Matting

Aluminium Entrance Matting is a premium product and it makes the entrance of any building …




At the forefront of entrance matting design and innovation, this product has been used extensively …


INTRAlink² recycled PVC

A high performance, 100% recycled PVC modular tile with outstanding eco-credentials and moisture absorbing properties. …


INTRAflex Radial

A unique product using advanced engineering techniques to form profiles to a consistent radius. INTRAflex …



A heavy duty aluminium plank system, offering excellent performance and longevity in high traffic areas …


INTRAform Low Profile

Excellent for all areas with restricted matwell recesses or surface mounted applications – offering all …



Heavy-duty aluminium entrance matting with extra-wide fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic …


INTRAform DM ecoSwitch®

A groundbreaking entrance matting product featuring sustainable material innovation and a patent-pending replaceable insert system …


INTRAform DM Low Profile

Heavy duty aluminium entrance matting that combines the performance advantages of extra wide fibre with …


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  • I have worked with INTRAsystems on several airports & commercial projects. The team was very helpful on extremely short notice & respected tight schedules. Installed product is of the highest quality, especially in heavy-duty applications, performs very well and can be highly recommended.


  • The entrance matting at 77 Coleman has enabled us to successfully improve the functionality of the entrance mat, by extending it further into the reception, without compromising the overall look and feel of the space.

    Investment & Development Manager Kajima Properties (Europe) Limited

  • The absorbency of the matting is really good if it is a really wet day or even when there has been snowy days it doesn’t drag throughout the building. We have various contractors going throughout the building and it retains dirt very well. The functionality of the matting since we moved into the Hospital has been very positive to date and there have been no problems or issues when pushing wheelchairs, beds or equipment over the matting.

    Domestic Services, Balfour Hospital, NHS Orkney

  • INTRAsystems have been exceptional and extremely helpful, from initial inquiry for information to the sample that arrived on time. Great service that ties with great products.


  • The INTRAsystems matting installed in our new facility provides a brilliant first impression to anyone who visits AberInnovation. The tessellating system used by INTRAsystems matches the on-brand décor used throughout the buildings and provides a warm welcome from the moment visitors arrive.

    Equipment and Services Manager, AberInnovation

  • Intra offer a wide selection of entrance mat systems which we have specified on several projects without issue. Intra are a company offering the required level of technical support, cad drawings and ability to customize their systems to suit individual projects. Their CPDs are also succinct with technical content. Their success to survive VE processes are a testament of their price competitiveness.

    Senior Technical Project Leader, Trehearne Architects      

  • INTRA offers a great range of quality products competitively priced. It is good to talk to a friendly, competent team, confident in products range and performance. When it comes to specifying, we turn to INTRA first.

    Stella K, Architect

  • d Your customer service has been excellent, I am looking forward to working on future projects.

    Operations Manager, OMB Projects

  • The system looks really nice, it’s easy to cut with a Stanley knife. The team like it a lot!

    Mat Installer, Axiom Group

  • The quality of the INTRAlink2 surface is leagues above the incumbent matting and looks to serve us well, particularly in wetter weather.

    Lovely product – very spongey!

    Waitrose Basingstoke, Store Supervisor

  • Services was fantastic as always.  All panels labelled and numbered clearly, matching the provided drawings.  Delivery was as and when agreed, no damage and on time.  Products always good quality so this was a total worry free install from our end.

    Managing Director, Tailored Matting


INTRAsystems is committed to the sustainable operation and development of our business and we are constantly seeking better ways to control and minimise the impact we have on our environment.

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 100% recycled aluminium

  • Regenerated nylon yarns