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Retail Chains, Supermarkets

Retail Chains, Supermarkets

Areas of consistent high traffic flow, and in supermarket locations, with the addition of heavy wheeled trolley traffic. Aesthetic appeal, practicality of cleaning & maintenance, durability, and most importantly, efficiency of dirt and moisture removal, are all key features of a suitable matting system.

Corporate buying power demands high performance at minimum cost, and therefore the INTRAform and INTRAlink products in particular, are suited to these environments. High stock levels, short lead times and flexible installation teams are all critical factors to successfully lead in this demanding sector.

INTRAsystems has supplied to the following projects:

Specification Guidelines

System Specification Hardwearing material such as Aluminium or PVC, with high performance inserts. External matting recommended with rubber inserts and internal matting with polyamide fibre inserts
Matwell Size Matwells should cover the full width of the entrance doors and recommended to extend between 4-6m in the traffic direction. Where matwell size is restricted, surface bonded high performance fibre can be considered for increased performance
Volume of Traffic Medium to High, depending on size/capacity of the store
Type of Traffic Heavy wear: Foot traffic / Shopping Trolleys / Wheelchairs etc
External Environment Often exposed areas with hard surfaces – prevention of moisture ingress is primary
Internal Environment Effective soil & moisture removal for protection of internal floor finishes and the prevention of slips on hard floors due to surface moisture