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INTRAsystems has extensive experience specifying and installing Heavy Duty Entrance Matting in all market sectors, with an impressive portfolio of clients built up over  the past 35 years. With every environment requiring individual attention to detail, experience and market knowledge is paramount to ensure optimum performance, every time.

Experiencing very high levels of foot traffic, especially in peak seasons, high quality Entrance Matting is a vital element for all indoor Shopping Centres. Smooth stone floors beyond the matwells are widely used, meaning the barrier matting must efficiently absorb maximum foot-borne moisture, and remove maximum dirt to avoid the risk of slips & falls.

A clean visual appearance is valued by all Shopping Centres, enhancing the centre’s appeal to shoppers and potential retail clients. Longevity of the Entrance Matting and flooring products and a straightforward cleaning routine underpin these values, and also help to ensure minimum maintenance costs over the long life of the system.

As public safety is of vital importance, high quality and effective Entrance Matting is essential. Matwell extensions or secure surface mounted options should be considered in areas with identified slip hazards, avoiding loose laid matting where possible, which poses its own risk as a trip hazard.

INTRAsystems has supplied to the following projects:

Specification Guidelines

System Specification Hardwearing material such as Aluminium or PVC, with high performance inserts. External matting recommended with rubber inserts. Internal matting in a Zonal design: combination rubber / polyamide inserts initially and polyamide fibre inserts to remainder of matwell
Matwell Size Matwells should cover the full width of the entrance doors and recommended to extend between 6-10m in the traffic direction. Where matwell size is restricted, surface bonded high performance fibre can be considered for increased performance
Volume of Traffic High to Extreme, depending on size/capacity of the centre
Type of Traffic Heavy wear: Foot traffic / Shopping Trolleys / Wheelchairs etc.
External Environment Often exposed areas with hard surfaces – prevention of moisture ingress is primary
Internal Environment Effective soil & moisture removal for protection of internal floor finishes and the prevention of slips on hard floors due to surface moisture