Hospitals, Care Homes, Surgeries

Hospitals, Care Homes, Surgeries

Areas with consistent high traffic flow, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hygiene is obviously critical, and Entrance Matting should be quick and easy to thoroughly clean. It is recommended that matting is pressure or steam cleaned periodically, and a system that is straightforward to remove from the matwell is therefore ideal.Durability & efficiency are also essential functions for a high performance barrier Entrance Matting system, in order to cope with the continued traffic flow.

INTRAsystems has supplied to the following projects:

  • Francis Crick Institute 
  • South Glasgow University Hospital 
  • South Bristol Community Hospital
  • Shelton Hospital, Shrewsbury
  • Great Ormond Street, London
  • Peterborough Hospital
  • Norwich Hospital
  • Bournemouth Hospital
  • Poole Hospital
  • Finchley Memorial Hospital, London
  • Colton Care Homes
  • Beckingham Hospital
  • Clacton-on-Sea Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Hospital, Bridgend
  • Musselburgh Primary Care Centre
  • University Hospital of Hartlepool
  • Southampton Hospital

Specification Guidelines

System Specification Hardwearing material such as aluminium or PVC, with high performance inserts. External matting recommended with rubber inserts, combination rubber/fibre inserts within circular doors etc, polyamide fibre inserts internally
Matwell Size Matwells should cover the full width of the entrance doors and recommended to extend between 5-8m in the traffic direction. Where matwell size is restricted, surface bonded high performance fibre can be considered for increased performance
Volume of Traffic High Traffic areas with regular flow 24/7
Type of Traffic Heavy Wear: Foot traffic / Wheeled stretchers / Wheelchairs etc.
External Environment Often exposed areas with hard surfaces – prevention of moisture ingress is primary
Internal Environment Effective soil & moisture removal for protection of internal floor finishes and the prevention of slips on hard floors due to surface moisture