• AberInnovation uses INTRAshape hexagon entrance matting

    Heavy-Duty Entrance Matting At AberInnovation


    SpecificationSilver finish Hexagon tile with INTRAlux Linear inserts in Anthracite 443
    LocationAberystwyth, Wales
    ArchitectIBI Group

    The Perfect Choice

    As a world-leading facility within the biotechnology, agri-tech, and food and drink sectors, INTRAshape Hexagon Entrance Matting tiles are the perfect choice for The Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus (AKA AberInnovation).

    From beehives and basalt columns to insect eyes, graphite, fruit skins and snowflakes, the hexagon is prevalent throughout the natural world.

    With strong connections to nature, science and the company’s brand, the hexagon is the ideal decorative motif for the facility.

    Inspired by these connections, hexagons are used subtly throughout the building’s design.

    The INTRAsystems matting installed in our new facility provides a brilliant first impression to anyone who visits AberInnovation. The tessellating system matches the on-brand décor used throughout the buildings and provides a warm welcome from the moment visitors arrive.

    – Phil Ellis, Equipment and Services Manager
    Intrashape entrance matting is ideal for multi-directional foot traffic

    INTRAshape Entrance Matting Tiles

    Using INTRAshape tiles, this naturally occurring hexagon formation features in the entrance mat design.

    The specification for AberInnovation uses the standard aluminium Hexagon tile with INTRAlux Linear fibre inserts in Anthracite 443 to create an eye-catching design in a classic colour palette.

    This heavy-duty looped pile fibre offers 4 litres of moisture absorption per metre and exceptional dirt retention. While the large area of fibre within the INTRAshape tile is ideal for multi-directional traffic, providing an effective solution for busy commercial environments.

    Exclusive to INTRAsystems, INTRAshape entrance matting tiles are unique in the market. Available in five tessellating shapes and a variety of sizes, this distinctive entrance matting system offers endless creative possibilities.

    Compatible with our complete range of INTRAlux fibre inserts, their aluminium frames can also be anodised to suit your designs.

    Intrashape entrance matting offers large areas of fibre for superb moisture absorption

    Draft Lobby

    Situated between the Cambrian Mountains and the Irish Sea, the AberInnovation facility is an exposed site, subject to changeable weather conditions.

    To address this, the entrance features a sizeable draft lobby which is filled with the hexagonal INTRAshape tiles.

    With the lobby measuring 3272mm front to back, the entrance mat provides a large walk-off area to ensure the tiled floor beyond remains safe and slip-free.

    This exceeds the BS 7953 standard recommendation and WELL Building guidance at 2100mm and 3000m respectively which is advisable for such an exposed location.

    Intrashape entrance matting is available in 5 tessellating shapes including the hexagon

    Entrance Matting Specification

    To learn more about the subtle factors that affect entrance matting specification and how you can ensure performance without compromising your designs, book a CPD seminar with our entrance matting experts.

    We can deliver the presentation remotely, or even come to your practice so you can see specification examples for yourself.

    We also offer open webinars throughout the year so you can join us at a time to suit.

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    INTRAshape hexagons are the ideal choice for the AberInnovation draft lobby


    Free your imagination and create infinite design possibilities… Complementary, tessellating shapes can be used to …