• Image showing grey Entrance Matting at a large reception of 10 Brock Street in London

    Commercial Entrance Matting At 10 Brock Street


    SystemINTRAflow Entrance Matting
    SpecificationINTRAlux Linear 451 grey Fibre and Ribbed Rubber Insert
    ClientBroadgate Estates Ltd

    Superior durability

    As the centrepiece to British Land’s regeneration of Regents Place, 10 Brock Street is a distinctive 16 storey, 320,000 sq ft landmark office development in the heart of London.

    Completed in 2013, the building achieved the coveted BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating thanks to a number of features, including rainwater harvesting system and combined heat and power systems.

    British Land’s property management company, Broadgate Estates, approached INTRAsystems to remove and replace the Entrance Matting at the front and rear entranceways.

    Broadgate Estates wanted a system that would visually replicate the worn matting, provide superior durability and withstand the MWEP traffic required to replace the high-level lighting in reception*.

    Following an onsite consultation with our experienced team to review timescales, budgets and product samples, INTRAflow was selected for both entrances.

    Made from 100% recycled aluminium, INTRAflow is a heavy-duty Entrance Matting system designed for internal and external applications. It is the ideal product choice for a zonal system that includes exposed areas and provides the superior dirt and moisture removal required at 10 Brock Street.

    By using one system with varying inserts, this Entrance Matting provides visual continuity from outside to in, acting as a simple counterpoint to the dramatic aesthetics of the lobby.

    Externally, in Zone 1, ribbed rubber inserts are used, continuing into the revolving doors to remove initial course dirt particles and excess moisture.

    Internally, in Zone 2, INTRAlux Linear fibre inserts in Grey 451 are used to effectively remove any remaining dirt and moisture.

    This single system with a combination of inserts provides a high-performance Zonal System to protect visitors from slips and trips and extend the life of the bespoke marble flooring beyond.

    To further meet the client’s needs, the simple plank system was installed outside of working hours to avoid any disruption to business.

    Contact us today to arrange a free onsite consultation or discover the products for yourself with a free sample.

    • * Please consult the team for specific load bearing information. As a general precaution we recommend that matting is covered with ply board prior to any heavy, wheeled traffic to protect the surface from damage.
    Image showing Entrance Matting at 10 Brock Street in London


    Heavy-duty recessed aluminium entrance matting for highly efficient moisture removal and drainage. Ideal for exposed …