• Aluminium Entrance Matting

    Entrance Matting at 5 Fleet Place


    SystemINTRAflex Radial
    Specification443 Anthracite

    Safe and Durable

    Companies must care about the safety of their employees and visitors whilst concentrating on the look and feel of the building and protecting the internal floors to improve the longevity of the premises. Believe it or not, all this is possible with the humble Entrance Matting

    This was certainly the requirement for our client who wanted to achieve all these things but with a twist or curve!

    Intrasystems recommended a unique product to create a stunning reception, this product uses advanced engineering techniques that form profiles with a consistent radius; the INTRAflex Radial product is designed for high profile locations requiring ultimate aesthetics.

    Entrance Matting Close Up

    INTRAflex Radial Features

    • – Heavy Duty Recessed Aluminium Entrance Matting
    • – Bespoke manufactured to suit any radius, minimum diameter 1200mm – Fully compatible with the straight profile INTRAflex XT version
    • – Perfect aesthetics – the designer’s dream
    • – Suitable for internal and external applications – with all fibre and rubber inserts
    • – Curved design ensures optimum performance with radial traffic flow
    • – Suitable for all high traffic areas – designed for use beyond revolving doors, or to suit shaped building facades, architect-designed feature areas etc.

    This primary Entrance Matting with curved Aluminium profiles is an ideal product and can definitely provide an interesting aspect to a building entrance.

    The technique used by interior designers of introducing curved shapes and lines to add fluidity and motion to a design scheme is enhanced by this product. In addition, a practical advantage of curving the rails rather than cutting them to fit a shaped matwell is that it eliminates the need to cut through the textile insert, a process which can occasionally compromise the integrity of the insert if the curve is shallow. This is further enhanced by using 442 Anthracite insert that help trap the dirt and moisture and prevent its ingress into the building.

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    Radial Entrance Matting

    INTRAflex Radial

    A unique product using advanced engineering techniques to form profiles to a consistent radius. INTRAflex …