Originally built by John Johnson and Alfred Meeson as a public recreation and entertainment centre, ‘The People’s Palace’ first opened to great public fanfare on Queen Victoria’s birthday in 1873 but burnt down 16 days later. With typical Victorian spirit, work quickly began on a new Palace, designed by Johnson, which opened in 1875. Find out how our Entrance Matting is playing an important role in enhancing the reception and leaving a lasting impression.

Situated between Muswell Hill & Wood Green, this remarkable Grade II listed building with its panoramic views of London is one of the UK’s most significant buildings.

Affectionately known as ’Ally Pally’, this iconic building now plays host to numerous corporate events, conferences, trade shows and award ceremonies, with an estimated 3.5 million visitors to the Park and Palace every year.

To maintain this grand old building for generations to come and to keep the building clean and safe for the many visitors to its hallowed halls, an effective Entrance Matting system is essential.

The low-profile design of our INTRAform DM Low Profile Entrance Matting is perfect for surface mounted or shallow recessed applications such as Ally Pally.

To add a touch of luxury in keeping with its grand Victorian architecture, bronze anodised profiles were combined with INTRAlux Elite fibre in Anthracite. The extra wide fibre provides maximum absorption to retain dirt and moisture, creating a great first impression on visitors and helping to extend the lifespan of the colourful flooring beyond. The result – a stunning entrance matting system that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The power of Entrance Matting cannot be underestimated; From maintaining safety, to reducing cleaning costs to preserving the internal flooring, Entrance Matting plays a crucial role in keeping public areas clean and safe for visitors.

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System :
INTRAform DM Low Profile
Specification :
Bronze Anodised with Elite Anthracite 607 Fibre Insert
Location :
North London