• Heavy Duty Entrance Matting At Body Worlds London


    SystemINTRAflex XT
    SpecificationAluminium Finish with INTRAlux Elite Anthracite 607 Fibre Insert
    ClientBODY WORLDS London

    Dr Gunther von Hagens’ renowned  exhibition  of real human bodies is the most successful travelling exhibition in the world. On display since 1995, it has attracted more than 47 million visitors in over 130 different cities across America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

    In October 2018 they opened their largest venue to date, at the iconic London Pavilion in Piccadilly Circus. The 28,000 sq ft site houses more than 200 exhibits made from parts of real human bodies preserved using a technique called plastination.

    With its worldwide popularity and central London location, the venue expects significant annual footfall which means a robust entrance matting system is essential to maintain the safety and aesthetics of the reception.

    To combat dirt and moisture at the door, our flagship  INTRAflex XT  Entrance Matting system is combined with the popular  INTRAlux Elite  Anthracite 607 Fibre insert.

    With several closely spaced doorways on this angled plot, a single entrance mat runs around the interior perimeter. This required some skilled installation to ensure a flush fit and rib alignment across multiple sections of matting.

    From maintaining safety to reducing cleaning costs to preserving the internal flooring, Entrance Matting plays a crucial role in keeping public areas clean and safe for visitors.

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    INTRAflex XT

    At the forefront of entrance matting design and innovation, this product has been used extensively …