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    Heavy Duty Entrance Matting At London Wall Place


    SpecificationElite Polyamide Black 608 Insert
    ArchitectTP Bennett

    What is London Wall Place?

    London Wall Place is a 500,000 sq ft development in the heart of London, that provides two flagship commercial buildings and almost an acre of landscaped public space. The space is a unique destination for visitors, combining a series of gardens set amongst historic monuments such as the Roman City Wall and St Alphage Church Tower ruins. Find out how our Entrance Matting is playing an important role in the management of dirt and moisture into the building to maintain the internal aesthetics.

    Entrance Matting at London Wall Place


    1 London Wall Place is a 12-storey tower and 2 London Wall Place is a 16-storey tower. The striking feature of both is the cantilevering steel frame that extends onto the footpath adding a touch of class to these buildings.

    Such a high calibre building deserves to be kept in the best condition, and when it comes to making the best first impression, what better place to do this than at the entrance. However, if every entrant brings in dirt and moisture into the building the interior will not only get damaged but also look dirty.

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    How Did INTRAsystems Help?

    This is where INTRAsystems worked with the architects to specify INTRAflow Entrance Matting to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture into the building.

    The Entrance Matting installed in 2 London Wall Place maintains safety for the foot traffic that passes through the entrance on a daily basis, it also helps maintain the aesthetics of the building as less dirt is trafficked in. As our INTRAflow Entrance Matting forms a barrier against the ingress of foot borne dirt and moisture it also helps the management keep their cleaning costs to the minimum.

    Specialist Entrance Matting at London Wall Place

    Entrance Matting for You

    Entrance Matting is a small element in a big project, but we feel it’s one that has a big impact on the building when it comes to cleanliness, safety, sustainability, and client retention. Contact us today and see how we can help create a lasting impression for your entrances.

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