• Heavy Duty Entrance Matting At M&Ms World


    SystemINTRAform DM Low Profile
    SpecificationPolypropylene Anthracite 443 Insert
    ClientM&Ms World

    History of M&M

    Opened in 2011, M&M’s World London is one of five flagship stores around the world in addition to Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, and Shanghai. With its products being sold in more than 100 different countries, the M&M’S brand is worth over $2.75bn globally, making it the world’s largest confectionery brand. (Euromonitor, 2009) It is no surprise then that last year, nearly 5.3 million people walked through its London flagship store alone!

    This store spans four floors and is big enough to house more than 100 double-decker buses! It offers a huge range of exclusive M&M’S chocolates and merchandise including specially-designed London-themed M&M’S branded products.

    Stepping into the store through the colourful, giant M&M door; visitors are treated to a unique retail entertainment experience which is a feast for the senses. To make this experience as enjoyable and as smooth as possible, Health & Safety, Cleanliness and Accessibility is of paramount importance.

    Entrance Matting At M&M

    The experienced sales team consulted the client in installing the INTRAform DM Low-Profile system which is designed to be compatible with both existing matwells and new. The added benefit of this is its 12mm profile which makes it very thin yet offers maximum performance and durability. The double-width Polypropylene fibre inserts, and robust aluminium construction provide optimum soil and moisture removal at all locations, and rapid installation due to the simple but effective interlocking plank design, it is also fully DDA compliant. The closed construction design of this Entrance Matting makes it simple to clean and maintain. This Entrance Matting certainly ticked all the boxes for M&M’s World London.

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    Our Entrance Matting is playing a crucial role in keeping people safe by preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture at M&Ms World as well as maintaining cleanliness and accessibility throughout the building.

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    INTRAform DM Low Profile

    Heavy duty aluminium entrance matting that combines the performance advantages of extra wide fibre with …