• Silverburn Shopping Centre walk off mat system

    Silverburn Shopping Centre


    SpecificationCombination Rubber/Polyamide inserts

    Excellent Performance and Longevity

    Entrance Matting is one product that has played a pivotal role in keeping various facilities clean, safe, and free from any slips and trips. These range from educational institutes, to healthcare facilities to retail establishments. The purpose of an entrance mat is to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture or reduce the transfer of soil from one part of a building to another as outlined in BS 7953 Section 3.1. This forms a standard protocol by which Entrance Matting should be compliant. For a glamourous shopping centre like Silverburn Shopping Centre in Scotland keeping their facilities clean and aesthetically pleasing is key, but keeping the occupant’s safe is crucial.

    All shopping centres have a responsibility to keep their occupant’s safe this means placing measures to prevent slips and trips. For Silverburn this measure came in the form of Entrance Matting. They used our flagship INTRAform Entrance Matting to make sure their premises were as secure as possible and that the dirt and moisture were left where it belongs, outside the building.

    INTRAform Entrance Matting is a heavy-duty aluminium plank system, offering excellent performance and longevity in high traffic areas and versatile installation to all entrance designs. Installing this Entrance Matting has brought a lot of advantages for Silverburn; including prolonged life of interior floor finishes by reducing the ingress of abrasive soil, it has also reduced the cleaning costs, reducing the slipping incidents and finally retaining clients and customers.

    Intrasystems worked with the designer in installing this flagship product in a large area with revolving doors. This installation formed the zone two of our Zonal System in helping combat dirt and moisture. This is a primary recessed system, with combination rubber and fibre inserts to provide maximum longevity and performance in concentrated traffic flow areas.

    Entrance Matting systems are an absolute necessity in removing soil, moisture and debris at the door which helps preserve the look and appearance of internal flooring throughout the building. Call us on 01425 472000 or email us on info@intrasystems.co.uk to find out how we can help deliver projects such as Silverburn for you.

    Silverburn Shopping Centre entrance way mats


    A heavy duty aluminium plank system, offering excellent performance and longevity in high traffic areas …