London Business School

The transformation of the iconic old Marylebone Town Hall into a major new facility for the London Business School was taken on by Sheppard Robson Architects. The project included the refurbishment of the Old Town Hall and Annexe Building and using the space between the two buildings to create a glass and steel structure. This bold new design was only made possible via a £125m fundraising campaign. The new building has been named Sammy Ofer Centre in honour of the late Sammy Ofer KBE, a celebrated entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Sammy Ofer Centre is a great educational institute now even so with better facilities for students to learn in.

A building with such a heritage deserves the best entrance. This is further enhanced by the glass and steel structure that creates a clear distinction between the two building. Keeping the building in the best shape is the first step to creating a lasting impression on the visitors and students.

Enhancing By Design

As a result, we could not be prouder to work with the client in installing our most flagship Entrance Matting System to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture into the building. INTRAflex XT as the name would suggest is the most flexible matting solution with a wide design choice and is suitable for heavy/extreme foot traffic. We worked with the client in recommending a combination of inserts to create the most effective barrier to foot bourn dirt.

We installed our leading range of Entrance Matting INTRAlux Elite which combines the three key factors of a highly successful system:  Durability, Performance and Style.   In the Black 608 colour, it’s a perfect blend of performance and style.   We also used Ribbed Rubber to boost the performance of the matting and make it suitable for external application.

Together the two inserts work to create a matting system that acts as a great barrier for dirt and moisture therefore keeping the reception area clean. Contact us for more information on the product we used or if you would like a FREE sample or if you simply want to talk to us about your next project.

System :
INTRAflex XT Black Anodised Entrance Matting
Specification :
Combination INTRAlux Elite Black 608 and Ribbed Rubber Insert
Location :
London – United Kingdom
Client :
London Business School