• Aluminium Entrance Matting At 77 Coleman


    SpecificationMilled finish with INTRAlux Select fibre inserts in 73 Grey
    ArchitectBuckley Gray Yeoman

    Stunning Entrance

    This 1980’s building has been transformed by Buckley Gray Yeoman to offer 68,000 sq ft of office space at the heart of the City’s retail and leisure offering.

    On entering, visitors are welcomed into a spacious 4-metre high reception space with a distinctive entrance mat design created using our INTRAtech entrance matting system.

    Extending beyond the main recessed matwell, a further 600 individual INTRAtech matting squares are cut directly into the terrazzo flooring in 5×5 blocks.

    The individual matting squares, measuring 97mm x 97mm are set snugly into 100mm x 100mm recesses. With minimal tolerance, this stunning entrance mat design required close liaison with both the architect and flooring contractor to ensure a seamless installation.

    These stylish blocks of entrance matting perfectly echo the ceiling design, which is cast with rounded square hollows and set alternately with candle effect pendant lights. The square block pattern is also replicated again in the terrazzo flooring to provide further design interest within the space.

    “The entrance matting at 77 Coleman has enabled us to successfully improve the functionality of the entrance mat, by extending it further into the reception, without compromising the overall look and feel of the space.”

    – Alex Parsons, Investment & Development Manager, Kajima Properties (Europe) Limited
    Cut-into-stone entrance matting design at 77 Coleman Street

    Entrance Mat Design Specification

    INTRAtech is constructed from high-strength aluminium blocks with rubber connectors and cushioned feet for a luxurious feel underfoot. It is a perfect choice for quality interiors and high-end developments.

    Its 14mm low-profile construction is suitable for both recessed matwells and surface-mounted applications and the system is compatible with our full range of fibre inserts.

    With the primary mat at 77 Coleman measuring just 2000mm front-to-back before switching to the cut-into-stone design, the choice of insert is critical to performance.

    To maintain performance with this design, the architect specified INTRAlux Select inserts – the most absorbent fibre in our range. INTRAlux Select can retain 6.6 litres of moisture per square metre, whilst the soft grey colour blends harmoniously with the grey base of the terrazzo floor.

    The extremely soft and luxurious INTRAlux Select fibre is available in six colours, including the popular black and grey shades. Made from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon, it is also a sustainable choice.

    In addition to the main entrance, the INTRAtech entrance matting system was installed at both the rear and cycle entrances to the building.

    To find out more about this unique product, download the brochure or request a sample today.


    An exceptionally durable aluminium entrance matting system for superb aesthetics and performance in high traffic …