• Commercial Entrance Matting Systems At Landmark


    SystemINTRAform DM LP
    SpecificationSilver finish with INTRAlux Elite fibre in grey 606 and ribbed rubber inserts
    ArchitectSquire & Partners

    Striking design

    Designed by Squire & Partners, Landmark is the latest addition to Manchester’s cluster of prime office buildings in the city’s new Civic Quarter.

    To complement the atrium’s strong linear aesthetic the architect specified INTRAform DM Low Profile entrance matting in silver finish.

    In a striking design statement, the entrance mat is rotated from square, creating an angular extension of matting towards the reception desk.

    This unique positioning helps to both guide visitors towards reception whilst simultaneously orientating itself towards the main traffic flow of the building.

    A Zonal Combination

    As well as its creative design, the entrance matting at Landmark offers maximum performance and safety by utilising a combination of inserts in a zonal system.

    Inside, the entrance matting features INTRAlux Elite fibre in grey 606.

    Made from 100% Econyl recycled nylon, this heavy-duty fibre is constructed with 92,990 tufts per square metre to offer superior moisture absorption and retention.

    With a Class 33 wear rating designed for heavy commercial use, INTRAlux Elite is available in 9 colours including 2 different shades of grey – a firm favourite with specifiers.

    The mid-grey fibre combines with the mottled stone flooring, bronze detailing, and velvet furnishings to create a timeless interior palette designed to appeal to the modern worker.

    Externally, the exposed façade leaves the entrance open to the elements.

    Ribbed rubber inserts are used in the matting within the revolving doors to scrap away maximum moisture and debris before the double-width fibre of the internal mat absorbs any remaining moisture.

    Ribbed rubber is the ideal option for exposed entrances and external mats. The multiple rubber fins in each insert scrape away debris and excess water, allowing the fibre to absorb the remaining moisture in just a few steps.

    Angular Alignment

    With a precise specification and skilled installation, the aluminium ribs of both the interior and revolving door mats perfectly align to create a stunning angled linear visual. This aesthetic is further accentuated by the double width inserts.

    Supporting Health & Sustainability

    With Landmark targeting a BREEAM Excellent rating, every element of the building specification had to be closely considered.

    Although not directly eligible for credits, your entrance matting specification and choice of supplier can play an important role in supporting your BREEAM and WELL certification aims.

    Correctly specified entrance matting can remove up to 80% of dirt and allergens from foot traffic helping to create a healthy entrance (WELL AIR 08 criteria) and extend the lifespan of your interior flooring and finishes.

    Ranging from 2200mm to 5500mm front-to-back, the mat exceeds the BS 7953 recommended minimum and at its deepest point exceeds the WELL guidance to ensure maximum dirt and moisture retention.

    By specifying a hardwearing, durable entrance matting system you reduce the need for frequent replacement to support the BREEAM MAT05 criteria and minimise ongoing maintenance costs for the end-user.

    INTRAsystems is also ISO 14001 certified to further support your aims under the BREEAM MAT01 and MAT06 criteria; our rails are made from recycled aluminium and our extrusion process uses a closed-loop system to further reduce our environmental impact. By manufacturing products in the UK to your precise specification, we minimise both waste and transport.

    By successfully combining design and sustainability in their entrance matting specification, Squire & Partners have created a stunning and highly effective entrance matting system for this commercial office space.

    To find out more about entrance matting warranties and environmental performance for your next specification contact our expert team.

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