• Reading Green Park


    SpecifierGreat Western Railway
    SystemRecessed Entrance Matting
    SpecificationINTRAform, Standard aluminium finish, with Linear inserts in Anthracite (443)
    LocationReading Green Park station
    Flooring ContractorATS Premier Interiors

    Tailored Railway Entrance Matting Solutions

    INTRAsystems is proud to be an approved supplier for Great Western Railways (GWR). Our products exceed the demanding performance standards, so we were the natural choice when they needed railway entrance matting for the new station at Green Park in Reading.

    Located on the Reading to Basingstoke line, Green Park connects the pioneering business park with residential areas and Reading Football Club’s Select Car Leasing Stadium.

    The new, state-of-the-art station is designed to withstand heavy foot and wheeled traffic from daily commuters for the 60 businesses within Green Park as well as the regular stream of football fans!

    Enhancing Accessibility

    Following the latest directive from the Department of Transport, Network Rail and their own accessibility goals, GWR has incorporated distinctive route markers into the flooring. Textured areas and high-contrast colours flow around the station concourse, signposting key routes, obstacles or points of interest to help visually impaired and disabled passengers navigate more easily.

    GWR wanted to the carry the design through to the Entrance Matting too, adding a stripe of contrasting colour to link the entrance area with the onward concourse. This meets and exceeds the latest ‘Technical Specifications for Interoperability, Route Identification for Persons of Reduced Mobility’, (TSI for PRM.)

    Optimal Performance and Effortless Maintenance

    We successfully completed a similar project at Perry Barr Station, so were confident in meeting the challenge, and produced design recommendations to match other textural and visual flooring features for the TSI for PRM.

    Having reviewed the design and budget requirements with GWR, our spec team recommended INTRAform, a recessed aluminium system with Linear fibre combined with a ribbed rubber insert.

    Set into ‘closed construction’ channels, the system is effective for scraping off dirt and keeps dirt on the surface of the mat making cleaning and maintenance easy.

    Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality

    The ridged appearance of INTRAlux Linear fibres in Anthracite and alternating rubber sections met the client’s brand guidelines, DDA compliance requirements as well as the wayfinding needs of the TSI for PRM. And the neat design finish ties in well with the flooring texture beyond.

    Linear fibres are hard-wearing with a 1400g/m² looped pile and a textured appearance.

    The Art and Science of Railway Entrance Matting Design

    INTRAform, like the majority of INTRAsystems’ easy to install products, features interlocking plank sections which can be cut and configured to create patterns, stripes, or other striking designs. The robust aluminium profile is ideal for heavy-duty applications too and comes with a 10-year warranty.

    The planks are easy to cut and install, provide flush transitions between outdoor and indoor flooring substrates to meet DDA regulations.

    Ensuring safety and efficient maintenance is of paramount importance on the railways so getting the right materials specification for each situation is vital. Facilities teams need a product that performs at a high level and adheres to all the various restrictions and regulations.

    Precision in Every Detail

    GWR chose a specification with outstanding performance and design flexibility, but they also earned LEED and BREEAM points for sustainability.

    INTRAform is EPD-verified and uses 100% recycled aluminium frames which can be recycled or reused again and again. We collaborated closely with the design team and provided detailed drawings and measurements for the Entrance Matting to ensure the success of the project.

    Even with such detailed specifications and drawings however, we understand the allowance for anomalies on site. INTRAsystems supplied the planks 50mm oversized for on-site trimming. The installers could get a snug fit and adjust the planks incrementally to align accurately with the other textural and contrasting features in the flooring scheme.

    Elevating Entrances

    The Railway Entrance Matting now continues the signposting sections, linking up with the station flooring designs perfectly.

    Reactions and feedback from staff and passengers using the new station have been excellent.

    The Entrance Matting is already delivering on the objectives of keeping people safe, protecting the flooring beyond and providing key visual cues. And with INTRAform’s 10-year warranty and proven track record, it will stand the test of time.


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