• Shakespeare North

    Shakespeare North Playhouse


    SpecificationBronze anodised with INTRAlux Elite fibre insert
    ClientKier Construction

    Located in Prescot, Merseyside, the new Shakespeare North Playhouse boasts a traditional, 470-seat timber theatre at its heart.

    The home of some of the great author and playwright’s earliest works. This prestigious building captures the soul of Elizabethan storytelling, drawing in modern audiences from across the country. Opened in 2022, the new theatre has played a ‘leading role’ in the ongoing regeneration of Knowsley. Carrying the weight of one of the all-time greatest wordsmiths, meant that every inch of the Shakespeare North Playhouse had to combine the upper echelons of modern design quality with the traditional soul of a 16th century theatre.

    Shakespeare North

    Traditional feel, modern capability

    Tasked with providing a powerful first impression to the entrance of this characterful building, our INTRAflow product in a brass anodised finish was a great choice for the Matting. In keeping with the bronze within the reception area, the brass anodised finish added an extra quality touch. The INTRAlux Elite fibre insert completed the warm, welcoming look achieved in the final outcome.

    The INTRAflow product is perfect for heavy footfall areas and so, just the ticket for audiences of nearly 500 people all coming and going at once.

    An important consideration was the traditional wooden seating areas within the theatre. It was essential that the Entrance Matting would remove dirt and moisture quickly and effectively to protect such a unique interior. The foyer area has no external overhang meaning very little protection from the elements. All combined, this meant a high-performance specification was required. The debris channel systems help ensure as much dirt as possible is removed on entry.

    Sustainability and design

    Sustainable practices and materials were a must for the client. To truly bring this archaic theatre into the modern world, the project had to be completed with the planet at its heart. With such traditional materials being used for the interior, we made sure to use sustainable products, with 100% recycled aluminium.

    At INTRAsystems, we make all of our products as sustainably as possible. Our aluminium Entrance Matting systems are fully recycled and completely sustainable. After all, Shakespeare built the Globe, so we want to protect ours.

    Ease of Installation

    The installation process being as simple as possible was a driving factor in the client’s decision to choose INTRAsystems. The building’s design needed a striking entrance mat stretch across the entire width of the entrance, which was a sizeable space, covering 30 m2 in total. Our plank system made light work of a tricky job.

    Project Outcome at Shakespeare North Playhouse

    The client is delighted with the sleek new Entrance Matting. INTRA’s high-spec products deliver the very latest in modern entrance matting performance and functionality, while simultaneously staying true to the traditional feel that was so important to the client.


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