• 199 Bishopsgate


    SystemBespoke INTRAshape and INTRAform DM low profile
    SpecificationSilver anodised with INTRAlux Elite Grey 606 inserts and multi-directional rubber
    ClientBuckley Gray Yeoman
    Location199 Bishopsgate, London

    Bespoke INTRAshape Provides a Welcome Flourish

    199 Bishopsgate, near Shoreditch, is a 12-storey office refurbishment designed by Buckley Gray Yeomans (BGY). With over 57,000 sq ft of sustainable workspace, it is home to world-leading companies and start-ups across the legal, financial, technology and media sectors.

    BGY has used INTRAsystems products in several projects and the team are firm fans of INTRAshape and the creative flexibility it offers. So, they had INTRAshape in mind when designing their striking lobby concept. The full width Entrance Matting is as expected, but the design feature of inset fibres within the geometric tiles pushes creative options and challenges expectations from Entrance Matting.

    INTRAform Follows Function

    BGY specified INTRAform DM low profile in the revolving doors and full width across the primary section of the lobby for clean lines as well as clean and dry feet. The secondary intricate INTRAshape and tile scheme adds creative impact while providing extra absorbency and scrubbing function.

    They chose multi-directional rubber inserts within the revolving doors to cope with direct water ingress. Then, INTRAlux Elite fibres span the full-width of the entrance to soak up excess water. They selected Grey 606 fibres as a neutral yet practical palette, while co-ordinating with the geometric tiled section, which reflects the ceiling details.

    A Perfect Fitting Prototype

    Our client shared their concepts early in 2022, so we worked closely with them to make their vision come to life. From initial drawings to refining grout tolerances and tile dimensions, we collaborated to get the right specification. INTRA developed prototypes to test in situ and thanks to careful planning and precision measurements, those prototypes went into final production with no dimensional changes.

    The result looks incredible and proves what’s possible with creativity, collaboration and a keen eye for detail!

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