Using INTRAform DM, Keppie Design specified a modified zonal system of entrance matting to create a safe and hygienic entrance for this rural general hospital in Orkney.

A combination of INTRAlux Elite in Black 608 and multi-directional rubber was used as inserts within the revolving door to provide superior scraping action and initial moisture absorption.

INTRAlux Elite fibre inserts were then continued into the primary mat to remove and retain further dirt and moisture from footwear and wheels.

For guidance and advice on specifying entrance matting for hospitals and healthcare, read our blog, ‘Specifying Entrance Matting for Hospitals and Healthcare‘ or download our free specification guide, that details the key elements of entrance matting specification, including sector-specific considerations and product advice, alongside real-life case studies.

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Silver finish with INTRAlux Elite Black 608 and multi-directional ribbed rubber
Keppie Design